New Litchi Pilot BETA

UPDATE: The beta program is currently at full capacity. If you didn’t make it into the beta program this time, we ask that you please wait for the public release

Say hello to Litchi Pilot, a brand new app we have been working on to support the latest DJI drones. While it’s still early days, we are happy to announce that the Litchi Pilot BETA starts today!

At this stage, Litchi Pilot only supports syncing and executing waypoint flights. Planning waypoint flights must be done either using the previous Litchi app (Litchi for DJI drones) or Mission Hub

Litchi Pilot supports the following drones: Mini 3, Mini 3 Pro, Mavic 3 Enterprise series (tested on M3E and M3T).

Unsupported hardware:

  • Mavic 3 Normal/Cine, Mavic 3 Classic and Mavic 3 Pro are NOT supported as no SDK for these yet
  • Mini 3/3 Pro’s DJI RC (with built-in screen) is NOT supported as it is not possible to install apps on it
  • iOS devices are NOT supported as DJI no longer supports the iOS platform with their latest SDK
  • 32 bits phones/tablets (such as Samsung A13, etc) are not supported as DJI no longer provides 32 bit libraries

IMPORTANT: Before starting Litchi Pilot on DJI’s RC Pro, make sure to go to Settings → Apps → DJI Fly/DJI Pilot 2 → Force Stop

For now, we have restricted access to the beta to pilots who already own the previous Litchi app (on android or iOS). If you do not already own the previous Litchi app, we advise against purchasing it only to get access to the Litchi Pilot beta as Litchi Pilot will be a separate purchase when it is released to the general public.

Click here to join the new Litchi Pilot beta


Fantastic news sirs. Pulling up a chair to observe developments. My exclusive use of Litchi is waypoint missions, so I am on the edge of my chair here.

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the application crashes and crashes and crashes, unfortunately, it doesn’t work

Thanks, It works for me : Litchi Pilot DJI Mini 3 Pro 1.0.0_BETA-dji Build 115 - YouTube


Hi, installed without issues. I’m going to spend Sunday executing missions with the mini 3 pro already
successfully flown with the mini 2. GF will surely understand and support it. Adios Amigos! :wink:

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Crashing is a known problem with the DJI MSDK currently with some Android versions (e.g. 13). Supposedly this will be fixed in the newer version of the MSDK which may be in beta shortly.


Mine is a POCO F4 with Android 13 and it works but I’ll do more tests tomorrow if the weather is good…

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During a waypoint mission on the Mini 3 Pro, will the aircraft continue its mission if the signal disconnects?

Mini series does not support onboard missions. Currently Litchi Pilot supports “Joystick mode” mission. Onboard missions support will be added for mavic 3 enterprise series in a future update


No. Mini 3 Pro is a VSC drone. It relies on signal from the controller.


it’s beautiful to look at. I have a completely different experience. this is how the app works for me

I hope and pray that on-board GPS data storage does come to pass in the near future because with the Plus Battery making possible 47 minutes of flight time per full charge, a Mini 3 could routinely cover 10 to 12 country miles roundtrip on waypoint missions flown beyond RC signal range, which would transform the Mini 3 to DJI’s model with by far the greatest bang for buck bar none.

Ever the optimist I would like to add the hopeful qualifier that the Mini 3 is not CURRENTLY able to escape VSC imprisonment, while the future holds promise of better things to come from DJI.

Hi there I have installed OK

First thing if I select a mission to Play but don’t start it how can I back out to the start Litchi Pilot screen?

Second thing I hit the button with the two rotating arrows and selected 48M now it seems to flash between normal and 48MP I also notice 48Mp now shows on the Take Picture button. Is that even supposed to work yet?

It seems to be able to load up missions fine but I have not dared execute one yet until I feel more comfortable with the new app.

Can you give feedback from within the app other then when it first starts? I can’t seem to find a button to action feedback except for then. Also means screenshots the app takes (assume) can’t be taken except for that starting moment when they would all be the same?

Many thanks


You’ve got to be the quintessential example of “hope springs eternal” – even when that hope is realistically pretty much zero based on DJI’s historical behavior.

The Litchi-Pilot app crashes when location is turned off.

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App crashes seconds after start when location is not active on the mobile device.
Huawei P30 Pro latest FW.

AFAIK active location services and the location permission accepted are required for the DJI MSDK to function.

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I would be happy to buy the beta today to have it updated later.

Great news! When can I expect to be able to buy the new Litchi Pilot app?