V4.26.5-g, won't connect to Mini 3 Pro

Mini 3 Pro, up to date firmware, was connecting fine to Litchi Pilot, paid for Litchi v4.26.5-g will not connect to Android S20FE phone (Android 13 work around done) or Tab 6 Samsung tablet. Tried both cable and wireless connection, video tutorial suggested is 7 years old, no help here. DJI Fly and Dronelink work fine, both have been force stopped multiple times with defaults removed, still paid version of Litchi won’t connect. Suggestions? Thanks.

The Mini 3 Pro requires you to use the Litchi Pilot Beta, because of the SDK from DJI. Not a Litchi decision. Android only, by the way

Read here:

Thanks for the info. Hopefully the full featured app will be available soon for the M3P.