Litchi for dji mini 3 + rc (not pro) owners

Hi everybody
Can you help to define all the alternative solutions to be able to use Litchi if i own a dji mini 3 and a dji rc (not pro) controller?

I think i could purchase an rc pro controller, but nothing more economic ?
Not a good moment for me to spend money in this but i would really like to test the amazing features on litchi apps…

Thank 4 any comment or suggestion

You can find all answers in the very first post of this thread:

Ok thank you @TriBar i think im going to purchase a dji rc-n1 controller and this way i shoiuld be able to use Litchi with the following setup:

Dji mini3 + dji rc-n1 controller + android tablet + LiTchi Pilot Beta app

Should work like this @TriBar ?
Wont buy the rc-n1 if this setup is not working, pls confirm its ok

Could also use as alternative:
Dji mini3 + dji rc-n1 controller + iphone + LiTchi app from the Apple app store (about 25 €)

But as far as I understand will waste my money due that the ios app is not compatible with my mini3 drone. Correct?

Getting older and more insecure day by day i know but the litchi documentation is too synthetic for me to fully understand which is the best setup to use litchi with the mini3 drone……

Thats why your help is highly appreciated @TriBar
Thanks once more!!!

The SDK (from DJI) for the Mini 3 is Android only. There is no iOS option for apps for the Mini 3

Yes, that’s the way to go for a Mini 3 (Pro).

As far as I know the Mini 3 series has NO CE-label and NO Remote ID,

Is there a timeframe on when the follow/active track feature will be available for the Mini 3? Thanks!