[OPEN BETA] Litchi Pilot

While there may be a target date for the full release of the completed Litchi Pilot app, it is also dependent on what is found during the beta testing period. The time to resolve all discovered bugs is fluid.


Just so I’m clear on what you have already said. If I install Litchi Pilot on to my M3E smart controller, upload a wayppoint mision to Litchi Pilot, run said mission and the controller loses signal along the mission, the UAV will return to home and NOT finish the mission, as it currently does with a P4P V2?

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BTW, I’d be interested in hearing any reports of obstacle avoidance behavior during waypoint missions. Reportedly DJI MSDK 5 disabled these initially (they were apparently enabled in MSDK 4), but has reenabled obstacle avoidance in MSDK 5 in joystick mode, but always as a brake, not a bypass.

And I’ll take this opportunity to congratulate the Litchi team on getting this beta out, and doing so in a professional manner via Firebase. Great work.

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With the current version of Litchi Pilot beta it will RTH, assuming that’s what your signal lost action is set to in DJI Pilot’s advanced settings. In the future we’ll make it possible to choose if you want to use the DJI waypoint engine instead in which case it would be able to continue the mission after signal loss. This will only be available for drones that support it natively like the mavic 3 enterprise series (but NOT the mini 3).

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So Vivo are you definitively ruling out forever the Mini 3 acquiring the capability to continue missions beyond RC range, or do you envision any future circumstance under which DJI may have a change of heart and then permit the Mini 3 to have that capability to store all GPS data on board prior to takeoff a dies the Mavic 3?

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Right now the mini 3 does not support native waypoint mode. We do not know whether or not DJI will enable it at some point. However since they did not enable it for mini 2, it is safe to assume it won’t happen for mini 3 either.

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I’m wondering where the missions are being stored for the beta. I’d like to be able to modify a mission in regular Litchi and then copy it over manually to the beta if an Internet connection for sync isn’t available. Thanks!

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Imported missions saved on mission hub flawlessly. I`ve tried Map pilot pro beta and that app cooked my phone. Very processing heavy. Litchis app is much smoother and seems to be more friendly on the CPU. No crashes yet with Samsung galaxy S9, android 10. Excited to test fly when weather gets better.

The fact that Litchi now doesn’t support iOS puts me out with them. Seems like a pretty short sighted decision. :+1:

With Litchi Pilot, flight plans are stored internally in this folder: /data/data/com.flylitchi.litchipilot.dji/files/litchi/missions

This folder is not easily accessible for users, in a future update we will make it possible to import a flight plan inside the app

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That folder doesn’t exist on my 2 devices.

My flight plans are stored in the same folder as the regular Litchi app:
\Phone\Android\data\com.aryuthere.visionplus\files\missions__users\(User ID)

Thanks! I actually did test using that folder without success – more below.

When I looked at this yesterday, there did seem to be an issue of the originally noted path not existing, and files in the other path not being seen by Pilot. (There’s an app that lets you copy files in/out of /data paths without root.)

I’ll look at this again in case I missed something. For sure an “official” way to do this (for ad hoc mission editing in Pilot without Net availability) would be super. Thanks again.

Don’t blame Litchi. This is 100% on DJI. They have officially said that (at this time, and seemingly maybe forever) they will not longer support iOS in their MSDKs going forward, starting with MSDK 5 that brings support to Mini 3, new enterprise drones, etc. MSDK 5 was a total rewrite of 4 (in a different programming language!) and DJI decided that supporting iOS also was just impractical (with various Apple restrictions also playing a role in the decision, I’ve heard). Also, with suitable Android phones available quite cheaply, it’s always possible to pick up one of them just for this purpose.

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Read the second paragraph in the original post (vico’s first post).

Yeah, I did read it. And like I said, I’m trying to find a workaround for this that functions right now, and I do have a way to access that folder.

Simple Test Mission with beta 116 → 3 wp Video then an Orbit with Photos :

No RTH at the end of Mission, I had to do it manually…


So checking again (using an app that shows all files):


does not exist. There are four folders under


None of these appear to contain mission files at any sublevel.

Currently in the regular Litchi folder:

\Android\data\com.aryuthere.visionplus\files\missions__users(User ID)

there are three mission files. Only one of these shows up in the load list for the beta – and changes to that mission are not reflected in the version of the mission seen by the beta (sync is off).

If I delete all missions locally (sync turned off) on regular Litchi, the three vanish from regular Litchi, and the one that was visible to the beta also vanishes.

If I then create a new mission locally on regular Litchi (again, with sync off), it appears to regular Litchi, but not to the beta.

So apparently only missions that have sync’d over the network appear to the beta, which is the issue that started this aspect of the discussion in the first place. Thanks.

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Just now i have loaded the Beta-Version on RC-Pro for DJI M3T, but there are only 100 missions listed. Loading Missions seems OK, but i have for the “roa fawn rescue” more than 100 missions (or fields) programmed.