Reimbourse me please (Litchi not working on M3E)


I bought Litchi in 2019 (for Phantom 4) and again now (but in amazon app coz google is blocked) because i’m on M3E but this isn’t workin.

Please rembourse me


If you have used Litchi since 2019, then you should be familiar with the Litchi Help website. It clearly states on the website:

If you have one of DJI’s latest drone models (Mini 3, Mavic 3 Enterprise, etc), you will need to use Litchi Pilot instead

Since Litchi Pilot is still in Beta and not released for public purchase, you couldnt have purchased the Beta version that is being developed for your new drone.


I didn’t know that

Could you reimburse me or change my subscription to Litchi Pilot ?

Can U the beta AT least please ?


I’m not in a position to send you the Beta version nor issue a re-reimbursement.
Did you ask for a re-reimbursement from the administrators here?

Thanks for your fast support.

I wish i could ask this but i.dont whom

For sure i want to use litchi with m’y Mavic 3 Enterprise but its but working.

For informations : I already bought it phantom 4 Pro V2 because DJI block accès to Google store (in M3E)

You can contact litchi and ask for a refund (
But, you should have done that within 7 days from what I understand.

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In addition to what @Sam_G said, there is this at the top of the user guide which can be found here Help - Litchi yep[ its a list of supported drones

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