Known Issues with current release versions

Known Issues in Litchi 2.15.3 on iOS:

  • None

Known Issues in Litchi 4.26.6 on Android:

  • None

Manual speed override in Waypoint Mode does not work (yet) for Mini-1 and newer.
Finish Action ‘Reverse’ does not work in Waypoint Mode for Mini-1 and newer.
2022-07-27 Still not supported.
2022-09-23 Still not supported (tested with Mini 1).
2023-06-28 Still not supported (tested with Mini 1).

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Using Mission Hub on Chrome browser, Heading field in Waypoint editor does not update while dragging waypoint. To reflect current orientation must go to another waypoint and then back.

Litchi v4.26.2-a & 4.26.3-g & 4.26.3-a & 4.26.4_BETA-g
-Aircraft Setting “Sync Gimbal Yaw with Aircraft Heading” reverts to Disabled when (re)starting the Litchi app. Switching to Enabled does NOT turn on the feature, only the display slider changes.
-Remote Identification is enabled by Litchi

In v4.25.0-a
-Remote Identification is NOT enabled by Litchi

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