Known Issues with current release versions

Known Issues in Litchi 2.13.2 on iOS:

  • Autonomous flight fails to start for Air 2S After ending an autonomous or semi-autonomous flight (waypoint/orbit/follow/track/focus/vr), it is required to restart Litchi in order to start a new autonomous flight. This is a bug in the DJI SDK. We will update Litchi when DJI fixes it

Known Issues in Litchi 4.23.0 on Android:

  • Live video feed does not work with the Samsung S22 and Galaxy A53 with Exynos processor (Qualcomm Snapdragon processor is supported) We will update as soon as DJI fixes it in the SDK

Manual speed override in Waypoint Mode does not work (yet) for Mini-1 and newer.
Finish Action ‘Reverse’ does not work in Waypoint Mode for Mini-1 and newer.