Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra - no video/black screen

Mavic Air 2 and Samsung galaxy s22 ultra: Litchi app is shown normally but no proper picture/video from the camera either black or frozen picture. Google map is properly displayed. Problem does not exist with dji fly.
Please help
Rgds Wolfram

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First, a Mavic Air 3 does not exist.
If you mean the Mavic 3, this drone is NOT yet supported by Litchi.

Sorry typo: mavic air 2

Hi, I have the same problem, on my old Mi9tPro everything works perfect.
I have new S22Ultra and mission is making job, but i cant see anything from camera. It looks like the video transfer doesn’t work, I have lags about 3-5 seconds. And the same, od DJI Fly its OK, video is smooth and fotos too.

on note9 I have the same problem. I bougt lichi 2 month ago, but I can not use at all. :frowning:

Same here,

S22 with Android 12. On the Mavic Mini and Mini 2 there are the described Video problems. The Mavic 1 Pro runs fine.

Is it a DJI problem or is it up to Litchi to fix that?

You can find the answer in post #5.