Do I need to have DJI Go4

Do I need to Have DJI Go4 installed or can i install Litchi w/o Go4 on the same device

You need the DJI App for:
-Activating a new drone.
-Firmare updates.
-Unlocking No-Fly-Zones
-Calibrating (if needed) the IMU.
-(Re)Naming the drone.
-Some MC settings.
-Some obstacle avoidance settings.
-Gain & Expo tuning.
-Some Remote controller settings:
-Stick Mode
-5D button customization.
-Remote controller calibration.
-Remote controller linking.
-Read the Sensors State.
-Image transmission settings.
-Aircraft battery settings.
-Payload setting.
-Beginner Mode.

Perhaps others can complement this list.

The main goal of Litchi is to add functionality, NOT to replace the DJI App.


So I take that as a Yes and No :thinking:

i will add some
calibrating the compass
calibrating the joy sticks
RTH altitude
beginner mode

Your first 3 can be done in Litchi, beginner mode not.

I uninstall dji fly months algo, and no need anymore… (I fly about one hour in a week and callibration is NOT needed by now).

If i need callibration, i Will install, callibrate and uninstall again…

I have Not time to Lost learning apps… Sorry…


NOW I KNOW you really should have DJI GO 4 Installed. you should though go into your apps and turn DJI GO4 off as with all apps you are not using to give Litchi memory and processor. I have used DJI G04 out in the field. If i did not have DJI GO4, it would have ended my day right there and i would have to go home.

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