Can I initiate dji mini se without fly app

Hi. I wonder if someone has solved this issue before?

I recently bought a Mini SE but stupidly didnt check the phone requirements before hand. My phone will not support the DJI Fly app so i got into litchi, which seems to be better than the dji app anyway. The problem is that i have been unable to figure out how to initiate the drone with DJI so i cant seem to be able to use litchi anyway.

Is there a way of initiating a Mini SE without the dji Fly app?

Unfortunately activating a DJI drone can only be done with the official DJI App.

Also have a look at this topic:

Thanks for your reply.

Is it an option to just borrow someone’s phone to activate it then go back to my own phone to fly using litchi?

I can do the firmware updates on the pc.

That should not be a problem!