Salve, vorrei sapere se LITCHI permette di CALIBRARE l’IMU del DJI MINI 2, non ho trovato alcuna possibilità di farlo tramite l’App, esiste solo la possibilità di calibrare la Bussola, ma non l’IMU. Potete aiutarmi a capire?

Hi, I would like to know if LITCHI allows you to CALIBRATE the IMU of the DJI MINI 2, I have not found any possibility to do it through the App, there is only the possibility of calibrating the Compass, but not the IMU. Can you help me understand?

I think you have to calibrate the IMU using the DJI fly app

The problem is that the DJI FLY APP doesn’t work for me, otherwise I wouldn’t have used LITCHI APP. In this case, are there any updates for LITCHI so that IMU calibration can also be performed?

The Litchi app should not be considered a replacement for the DJI app. Instead, it extends the capability of your drone. There are other posts here that list the functions that are only provided by he DJI app.

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What phone do you have that doesn’t work with DJI fly, but does with Litchi

Since there is a possibility to calibrate the compass, why not calibrate the IMU as well?

Xiaomi Mi 10T according to what DJI says, the Mi 10 is supported by the APP … but in reality it does not work.

I do not know the answer to that but Litchi is limited to provide what DJI enables in their SDK. My guess is that DJI does not provide an IMU calibration interface. Just a guess.

Why do you need calibration at all? It’s very rare that she might be needed.

It may be required … and I will no longer be able to use the drone as DJI FLY is not working.

Here’s a list of reasons why you still may need the DJI app: