DJI SDK Limits (to keep in mind while planing a mission)

Min-Max 3D distance between 2 WPs: 0.6-1999m (2-6561ft)
Max distance between Home and WP: 4000m (2.48mile) NO LONGER VALID
Max Cumulative mission distance: 30000m (18.64mile)
Min-Max Corner radius of waypoint: 0,2-1000m (0.6-3280ft)
Min-Max Orbit Raduis: 15-500m (49-1640ft)
Min Orbit/Track Height: 5m (16ft)
Min-Max WP Height: -200-+500m (-656-+1640ft)
Min-Max POI Height: -200-+500m (-656-+1640ft)

Min-Max Mission Waypoints: 2-99 (10.000)
(The 99 waypoints limit will be increased to 10.000 in Litchi v4.24.0)
(Litchi will chain as many 99 waypoint missions as needed. Signal is required when a mission is being uploaded)
Max number of actions per waypoint: 15
Max number of times a single waypoint action can be repeated: 15
How many times the ground station task will be repeated: 1-255
Min-Max Pause setting in WP-action: 0-32 sec. (0-32767 ms)
Rotate UAV in WP-action: -180°, +180°
Controllable Gimbal range: (-90° to +30/+20/+60°), -90° to +0°

For Gimbal Pitch changes and Flying Speed Changes to work there MUST be a connection between the AC and RC.
As of Android Version 4.25.0 (July 4, 2022):

  • [DJI GO/older drone models only] added new setting ‘Enable DJI’s Gimbal Interpolation in Waypoint mode’ to allow gimbal pitch movements out of signal range.
  • [DJI GO/older drone models only] when supported by the drone’s firmware, custom waypoint speeds will now work even out of signal range.

For All drones build for the DJI FLY-app there has to be a constant good connection between the AC and RC. (Search this forum for “VSC”)

For Non-VSC-drones: 99-point-mission-blocks are chained whilst flying, signal is required !!

The altitude of the aircraft is relative to the ground at the take-off location, has a range of [-200,500] and should not be larger than the aircraft’s max limited altitude.

If two adjacent waypoints have different altitudes/headings/gimbal pitch, then the these will gradually change as the aircraft flies between those waypoints.

In waypoint missions with curved turns:
-The aircraft wil not stop at waypoints because it will never reach them, also Actions at waypoints will be ignored.

In waypoint missions with straight lines:
-The aircraft wil stop at each waypoint and yaws to the directions of the next waypoint before continuing its flight.


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