Another way for creating a waypoint mission


(When using a Mini 2/Mavic Air 2/Air 2S)
In the Litchi App set the function button (KEYS) of the remote controller to ‘Waypoint at Aircraft’.

In Waypoint Mode tap the onscreen Mission Setting button and set:
-Heading Mode to ‘Custom(WD)’
-Finish Action
-Path Mode
-Cruising Speed
-Default Gimbal Pitch Mode to ‘Interpolate’
-Rotation Direction to ‘Managed’

Now fly your drone manually to a point of your interest (not a POI) and aim (frame) the camera.

Press the Function button to create a waypoint.
This waypoint will include the position and direction of the drone AND the camera’s pitch angle (Gimbal Pitch).
Fly to the next location and do the same (up to a maximum of 99 waypoints).
(The 99 waypoints limit will be remove in Litchi v4.24)

When there is an obstacle between any of 2 waypoints of your interest, you have to include waypoints whilst flying around it.

When you’re done flying, save this created mission and run (fly) it.
You may possibly have to fine tune it either on your phone or in the mission hub.
In Mission Settings:
-Finish Action
-Path Mode
-Cruising Speed

In Waypoint settings:
-Curve Size

Advantages using this method:
-You can actually frame a subject realtime, no guessing of distance and camera angle.
-You are aware of any potential obstacles and deal with them.
-Most likely NO unexpected control signal loss trouble with VSC-drones.


Keep meaning to give this a try, at the moment single press of my Fn button is set for pause in all modes, and i accidentally hit it the other day :rofl:

I have used AirData to Litchi Converter a few times. Run the route you want and then download the CSV file from Airdata and drop it into AirData to Litchi Converter.

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That looks interesting Might have a play