Mapping/survey grid tool

Yes, it would be GREAT

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Yes, absolutely need to be able to fly a mapping mission

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I understand that the 99 waypoints limits is bounded to DJI itself. It’s a very annoying limit for a modern equipment like a DJI Mavic o Phantom 4. For flights who follow the terrain, this limit is very easy to reach, limiting the mission coverage. For new drones, like the Matrice 300, the limit was updated to a much higher number: 65536

+1 here I would love to see this implemented!!!


How I can zoom to(search address) in mission planer Mission Planner Home — Mission Planner documentation?

Here’s the Support Forum for Mission Planner:

Hi James!
There is great news from the developers of Litchi!
Now it is possible to make missions from more than 99 points of interest. This is a very good opportunity in Litchi. Now we will wait for you to fix the VLM, the ability to create or import a mission with points of interest greater than 99.

For that, many thanks to the developer LITCHI!

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This is great, but if you would try to use my script and Mission Planner, for most missions at least, you would not need so many waypoints because it is timing based.

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Your mission lasts 610 minutes :slight_smile:

yes :grinning: Replacing the battery gives such opportunities.

Battery replacement 20 times, within 11 hours :slight_smile: :slight_smile: .

Have you checked the range limit of 5000m, has that been removed as well?

I haven’t checked the range yet! It will be necessary to check

Also surely you could get to the point where by the time you get back to the last point on the mission the battery was at before auto rth kicked in that it kicked in again…

What is the 5000m limit?

This is the total range of the mission!
Example point A-B = 300 meters, point B-C is 4700 meters. In total = 5000 meters.

I have not heard of this before. Is this in a straight line (radial) from the controller, or, total flight path? I’m pretty certain I’ve flown more than 5K in a single mission before. Probably not that far in a straight line though. Can you help point me to where I can find these specifications in case there are others I should be aware of?

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So the original mission seems to be within the realm of probability, especially if the pilot were to be located near the center of the grid. . . and has a lot of batteries :wink:

Well, this question has already been answered. So 4000m.

It seems to me that the drone’s motors will overheat and it will burn out if you use 10 batteries in a row.