Mapping/survey grid tool

YES!!! Me and my beta tester friends we will definitely love aero topography and facade missions. The work scenery’s be so amazing for a big slice of pros!

Would love this too but for now, you can check out my Mission Planner to Litchi tool

5000m is the dji limit in drone firmware for missions. For dji fly drones, there are apparently no restrictions, because. there are no missions in the firmware.


thanks for putting that python script out there.
I installed your Win executable and the program pulls up.
It does not run for me on a WIN 10 Pro machine.
It asks for the input file but than simply shuts down without any conversion.
Any help / suggestions?

I really appreciate your piece of code, it’s awesome it works! The only thing is at least with me, it’s not keeping the gimbal pitch -90, I have to modify it in Litchi selecting all the way points and changing from disabled to interpolate -90, I’m working on a version of this code in JavaScript and I’m planning to add that feature. Maybe we can work it together Thank you!

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Minute 14

Minute 14

That is not necessary. Before importing the converted csv file into Litchi, in Litchi Mission Settings, set the Gimbal Mode to Disabled. Then import the mission. And before starting the mission, just set the gimbal to -90 using the gimbal wheel on the controller. Issue solved!

Yes, sure! I would love to translate it to JavaScript and maybe publish it online as a web-app!

You can upload a sample photo to mission planner in the Software will determine the parameters of the camera

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Once I finish the first draft I’m gonna send it to you for your review, What makes me create a JavaScript version is that python creates a .exe and windows and several antivirus hate those files.


I didn’t use Litchi for almost 2 years and I’m really surprised that this feature is still not implemented. I really would like to see this implemented in a user friendly way. Means:
You draw the border line, specify the Lense/drone, specify the hight, specify the overlap in x and y axis, define the tilt of the camera, define how long the drone should stop before taking the picture, define single/double grid and Litchi calculates all the waypoints and the needed time (and maybe fly to base for battery changes if needed) etc.
Just my idear of how to implement the feature.


Up!!! Still no news about that? Tons of people would love it!

Yes, I know, antiviruses hate non-signed exe files.
Upload your code (Javascript source) to GitHub and share it with me when you have the draft done.

For sure I will, thank you!

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I have the same output, ask for the file when I push Enter it simple shutdown.
I even tried with Windows Defender OFF but no changes

Hello newbie to Litchi.
I’ve been following this topic closely.
So is this feature of “drawing a polygon shape (or whatever the shape) will create a mapping grid” available already?.
Ps: eg, same like in Pix4D capture. You draw a rectangle and it automatically shows on the screen the grid, or path for the drone to follow

It is not available in Litchi yet.
However I made a workaround for it.
Check out my post about it: Mapping/survey grid tool - #19 by Yaroslav

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Thanks mate. Will definitely try that. :+1: :+1:

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Working OK on my Windows 10 Pro but not OK on my Windows 11 Home, any idea?

“…I have the same output, ask for the file when I push Enter it simple shutdown.
I even tried with Windows Defender OFF but no changes…”


Please run it using the Windows Terminal and send the output here.
To do so follow these steps:

  1. Place the Exe file on Desktop
  2. Right-click on Desktop and select “Open in Terminal”, if that option isn’t available, install Windows Terminal from Microsoft Store
  3. Type the name of the file into the window that appears (including .exe extension) and click Enter
  4. The script will open inside the terminal, use it until it crashes, it will print out the error, send it here.