Thread, Computer Browsers

I can’t find a thread that is related to using a computer for missions.


Make one? If it gets enough traffic it may become a category at some point.
As it stands I found most of the info from a guy on youtube.
Not really a discussion friendly environment, but at alternative if nothig else is available, I guess.

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Lots of topics related to issues people have had using it and some good info on the Litchi Help site.
Is there anything in particular that you need help with? or clarification?

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Thanks! I will work on posting my problem…
This was the last thing I wanted to do, I’m completely lost on this forum.


Thanks, you are familiar.
This is how it started.

I can’t find a Category based on the Mission Hub?
I have problems with displaying info of way points with all browsers, monitors, WinXP, Win7, Win10, Etc. How does somebody like me search for that?

Reply I got this morning.
Just post your question in the “General” category.

My return was…
How does somebody like me search for that?
Just post your question in the “General” category.

The point is how can somebody do search for these kind of problems?


What do you need to know?

What problems and what info?

Use the search funktion (magnifying glass in the upper right corner)

At this moment since your the last poster, how do I post a new message on this thread with replying to a specific poster.

Summery, Just add new message to this thread?


The same way as you did in your second post in this thread to MK11

So I reply to myself?


Part of Rod’s confusion may be the fact that there are 3 reply buttons. Which one does what? To be honest, I’m not sure myself. LOL

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Yes I have problems, this forum I just can’t figure out. Also when Yordie sends me a reply, the alerts make me think is admin because of the litchi logo is being shown. I get on the forum, something is messed up. I think I just figured that out today…



I found the reply I need!

The Problem… more than three years…

So when I’m viewing / editing way point settings, I really focus on the ground elevation display. The text is smaller. If I increase the browser text, or use zoom ctrl+. The way point window top and bottom is cut off.

This is on XP, Win7, Win10, Firefox, Edge, Chrome etc.


  1. Reply to the thread and not to any post in particular
  2. Reply specifically to this post
  3. Reply to the thread and not to any post in particular (same as 1.)

After clicking on one of the reply buttons, it will show you to whom you are replying:


A fourth way to reply is to highlight a portion of someones text and select “Quote”. This option embeds the portion of text highlighted from their post into your reply which is often my preference.


I think I got the 123, 1 disappears when you scroll down to the bottom.

This wasn’t my intention on creating this thread or did I create a topic?

Anyways, the goal was using Litchi on computers in some kind of folder…

So any help on my browser problem?


@Rod_Pad , It sounds like a screen resolution issue

. When icons and text are made larger, there is a possibility that the entire page wont display and some parts (top, bottom or sides) can be lost.
I’m not positive, but that is my suspicion.

Thanks, I will work on a screen shot, its only the waypoint window. It doesn’t change its size.
The rest of mission hub screen is fine and you can see the size changes.


See this post:

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ROD. Are you by chance doing this on a laptop screen. Not that it matters that much. Just curious. What browser are you using? Try this … hold down Ctrl key and press the minus key. Each time you do it should resize the browser window. And Ctrl + to make it bigger.
CTRL - Reduces screen
CTRL + Enlarges screen

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Thanks, I will get back to you.