Hub screen size

When viewing the mission hub online and place a waypoint, the popup to change any settings is the wrong size. I can’t see a slim portion of the top and the bottom. For example I can’t see the arrow keys on the bottom of that popup. The window will not scroll up or down so I can press the next button. I have tried changing the size of my laptop display to something 1366x768 is the best this laptop will do. Thanks for all your help guys… Also need to fix the continuous disconnects I am getting.

Always leave your screen resolution and scaling at their native (recommended) settings.

When using the Mission Hub and the waypoint dialog is not fully visible, you have a few choices:

  1. Use keyboard shortcuts such as the left and right arrow keys to navigate to adjacent waypoints, the “insert” and “delete” keys to insert or delete waypoints.
  2. Press the control key and use your mouse wheel to scale the size of the waypoint dialog. You can use ctrl-0 (control-zero) to reset your scaling back to default.
  3. Press F11 to remove the browser window frame which will allow more room for the content. Press F11 again to restore.
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you could also use the mission hub on your computer to create your missions then save and connect to the internet with your tablet and download the missions to your tablet…much much much easier

I believe he is already doing this. His question was about the size of the waypoint dialog. Sorry if I misunderstood what you are trying to say.