STICK mode and sensivity

Hi, just downloaded litchi, all ok, but i can’t find setting “stick mode” and "stick sensitivity ". thanks for help Claudio

These are set in the respective DJI app


The main goal of Litchi is to add functionality, NOT to replace the DJI App.
A lot of common functions and settings still require the DJI app:
-Activating a new drone.
-Firmare updates.
-Unlocking No-Fly-Zones
-Calibrating (if needed) the IMU.
-(Re)Naming the drone.
-Some MC settings.
-Some obstacle avoidance settings.
-Gain & Expo tuning.
-Some Remote controller settings:
-Stick Mode
-5D button customization.
-Remote controller calibration.
-Remote controller linking.
-Read the Sensors State.
-Image transmission settings.
-Aircraft battery settings.
-Payload setting.
-Beginner Mode.

Perhaps others can complement this list.

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Think you summed it up nicely @TriBar :+1:

Perfect, all very clear. TKS Claudio