I keep getting " please activate aircraft" warning when I try to take off

I keep getting take off failed. Then a warning, please connect aircraft. How do I do this?

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Your subject says “please activate aircraft”. This suggests that you need to activate you drone using DJI Fly. Activation cannot be done using Litchi.

The body of your message says “please connect aircraft”. This suggests that you are not connected to your aircraft.

I think you need to clarify exactly what messages you are receiving.

I do not have the DJI fly app. I guess I should have started there huh? So after set on litchi app I would press the auto take off then first receive “take off failed” error then would get a pop up saying warning, please activate aircraft.

Sounds like I have to first go through the DJI app to activate drone before I can use litchi?

Ahh yes. That makes sense. The aircraft must be activated using DJI Fly in order for it to be flown with either Fly or Litchi.

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Well, thank you for clarifying this for me. Unfortunately my phone will not allow me to download DJI fly. So I reckon I’m getting a new phone. I have the moto g pure now.

Perhaps you can use a friends phone to download DJI Fly and activate your drone. Then, you would be good to go with Litchi.

You should also be aware that some functions require DJI Fly:

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I purchased 2 used LG V20 phones just for using the DJI app. They are outdated phones that currently only cost $50 used on Ebay but work great with the DJI Fly app and Litchi. There are other options regarding phones but be sure to check DJI’s list of acceptable phones first since many quality phones are not compatible.


You’re right Steve. Not only that but my Samsung Galaxy tab 10 was stricken from the list of mobile devices that supported DJI Fly.
Seems that list is liquid. DJI offers no explanation.

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Did you purchase the LG V20 phones with Android 8 installed?

Hello SL1, my LG V20 phones came with Android 7 installed, however updates should be no problem.

Hello Steve. Thanks for the response. I was looking into purchasing one of these just for running DJI GO4 and Litchi, but most of them are loaded with Android 8 and there were issues, with Android 8 on these, working properly with DJI apps. I was curious if yours had Android 8 installed and if those issues were ever fixed. I don’t believe the LG V20’s can have the Android version “rolled back” to 7, if 8 is already installed.

Try this site that I found through eBay to see if they will guarantee that you will get Android 7. I got 2 phones from www.comm-central.com (972-642-7243) and they work great, also they were very responsive and willing to fix any problems. Good luck!

The $200 Samsung s9 or Samsung s10 has a snapdragon 850 and 6Gb of RAM. As well as an amoled screen. This covers all the needs of the drone.
Android 10 and 11 works

I also have a galaxy s7. Great smartphone with 2k screen resolution for VR.

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