Litchi for DJI mini 2 without DJI fly

Hello All,
I just purchased the DJI mini 2 thinking that I could use my Motorola G7 optimo maxx XT1955DL after seeing it on a compatibles list (not at DJI). 64 bit, Android 10, but only 3GB RAM. The lastest DJI fly (1.7.6) will not run on it. What are the chances that the litchi app will run on this phone and can I run the litchi app if the drone has never communicated with the DJI app?

The Drone needs have been activated on DJI fly before it can be flown with anything including DJI fly

How about if I can activate the drone with an old version of the DJI fly (perhaps 1.0.1 or 1.0.4). Would this be sufficient to get Litchi operational?
Just hoping to avoid buying a $150 phone just to get started in this hobby.

Yes, that would probably be sufficient. However keep in mind that there are other functions that require DJI Fly. See the following list:

The DJI Mini 2 is supported as of DJI Fly v1.2.0 (882)

Thanks to all. You’ve started me on the right track. I’ll try older DJI fly versions from until one works well with my Motorola XT1955DL. Then when stable there I’ll get the Litchi app for better flight control.

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I just borrowed a friend’s new I phone that he downloaded DJI fly to, installed firmware for activation and then he uninstalled the app.

Also, I just updated firmware on DJI assistant 2 on windows 10 for my Mini SE

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