Spiral Mission Maker

It allows you to specify the starting, ending, and POI height then generates a path and gimbal pitch angles based on those (and other) parameters making a perfect circle, spiral, or coil in a waypoint mission.

General workflow :

  1. Use Google Earth Pro to define a perfectly circular path around the POI.
  2. Export that path as a kml file.
  3. Import that circular path into my web application and specify heights and other parameters.
  4. Export the path as a csv file.
  5. Import that csv file into the Litchi Mission Hub (usually VLM).
  6. Tweak as necessary.
  7. Export the mission as a csv file which opens back up in Google Earth Pro.
  8. View and validate the virtual Litchi mission in Google Earth Pro.
  9. Go fly!

Link: Spiral Mission Maker

Made by Wes Barris

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Inserting a Spiral/Circel to a Waypoint Mission using "Spiral Mission Maker for Litchi"

In the Mission Hub create your Mission.

You want to fly a circle/spiral between WPa and WPb around a POIc.
Write down the coördinates of POIc and export this mission as a CSV-file.

Read the instruction for “Spiral Mission Maker for Litchi”:
(Link in Post#1)

Open Google Earth, place a pin with/at the coördinates of the POI, zoom in/out and draw a circle around it. The straight line defines the starting point of the circel.
Save as KML-file.

Open this KML-file in Spiral Mission Maker, tweak all settings to your likings, generate the ‘Spiral Mission’ and download the generated CSV-file.

a CSV-file is a plain text-file.
The first line is the header, each other line represents 1 waypoint.

Open both CSV-files in Notepad, copy all waypoint lines from the spiral/circel file and paste them in between the 2 waypoints of the Mission Hub CSV-file.
Save this merged file (with a new name) and import it in the Mission Hub as a new Mission.