Mini 2 waypoints

Exactly!! I would like Litchi devs to react and actively implement user requested features!
I paid for the app, and now I’m disappointed.

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This very forum is a way to help us prioritise development of the most wanted features. We are always working to improve the app, unfortunately things may not be moving as fast as everyone wants, this is partly due to limited resources.


It is very nice to know that you kindly respond to some, and delete the posts of others! This is at least not respect for their customers.

P.S. And why did you invite me to your forum, since you are not interested in my opinion and suggestion?

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Hi [Magomed_Magomedovich , i hope your message wasnt for me because i dont understand ?
im pretty new in drone and litchi forum also , if i did something wrong it is by mistake maybe
let me know!

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Hi, Gordon!

No, no, it wasn’t said in relation to you.

Ok thanks , i feel better! take care!

Hi everyone again! is it possible to create a perfect circle around a POI in a waypoint mission ?
Thanks, Gordon

Of course, you will have to draw a circle with waypoints.
But there is another function for this, why do you need a mission

because i have a path to follow over a river and then a place i put a poi that i would like to go around
and i would like to doing that in the mission hub
thanks, Gordon

Do you need to record a video or lay a route in a circle?

yes i would like to record a video

You can stop the mission at the right moment and load the orbit that you make in advance. Then download the mission and continue.

Another option is to draw a circle in the mission, put your phone on the table, and draw a circle with your finger, in batch drawing

Ok thanks ,i see the easiest way will be with the app , i really prefer to work in the mission hub but it is what i will do
hope one day it will be add in the mission hub !
thanks to take time to answer me !

Then attach a leaf with a circle to the monitor and circle it with waypoints with the mouse

The more waypoints, the better the circle will be

Gordon, I did this by using an app where I could place the centre of my flight path, set up a radius and then points at say 30° to create a “circle” - the radius being set on the Litchi App. As was filming looking out from the centre I set my POI at 20km using the same 30° pitch.

The app gave Lat and Long and the net result was very acceptable.

I’ve had a quick look but cannot find the web site I used. I have saved the mission but cannot se how to send this as I wont use Facebook.

If I can find the site, I will post it for all on this conversation.

If you’ve saved the mission, then just set it to public in the mission hub & post the link here

Have a look at this Topic:

Hi A_D_Gatland, sorry for the late answer , just got my internet back
thanks for all i will continue to look for option to get this done ,i appreciated the time you took to give me a solution,thanks again

Ok thanks , i will have a look !

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