Lost Phantom 4 pro on first flight mission

Hello, today i set up a waypoint mission for my phantom 4 Pro, I configured the height of the nodes to be 50-100 above ground level, and I have the setting on my app that in the case of signal loss the drone should RTH. Well this didn’t happen, i lost signal and my drone battery was at 86%, but the drone never came back. Please I need help.

@Luis_Garcia ,

I would suggest sharing your mission (here is a post to help)

And sharing your flight log (this info will help you)

Thats the first step to get some help. People here will be glad to look and diagnose what happened.

Hi, here is the link, the drone got lost right before the 3rd checkpoint. I will also include a screenshot of find my aircraft

Mission Hub - Litchi (flylitchi.com)

Nothing odd with the mission, but the flight log might help. Here is the Upload site:

Hi, thanks for the prompt response, here is the log, as you can see the drone got lost when battery was only at 86%, it had plenty of battery to return but it didn’t.
DJI Flight Log Viewer - PhantomHelp.com

I once had a Phantom 3S plummet to the ground from 150 feet AGL and shatter on arrival from a 6-mile round trip Litchi waypoint mission. Never did figure out what made the engines abruptly shut down just as I switched from F mode to GPS mode to execute a manual landing, but my suspicion is that the battery shook loose when the drone slammed on the brakes at the conclusion of its autonomous waypoint mission, perhaps on account of my failure to properly seat the battery at the beginning of the flight.

I’ll hazard a guess that a similar battery placement oversight may have occurred in the instance of your Phantom 4 going AWOL despite an adequate battery charge level.

I have a suspicion of a software failure, due to the fact that the drone had always returned to home after a signal loss but today it didn’t. I always flight using the DJI GO app, this was my first time using the Litchi App.

Litchi has been utterly reliable for me over the course of 3,000 miles of fully autonomous waypoint missions, so I can assure you with nearly absolute certainty that software errors simply do not occur with this extensively tested flight control platform, particularly when used in conjunction with DJI’s older generation Phantom drones.

The departure from controlled flight of your Phantom 4 was almost certainly due to a hardware failure of the drone itself, manifesting as engine shutdown or a total electrical blackout in flight due to a rare yet plausible transient battery anomaly.

A mi me pasó lo mismo volando un Phantom 4 Pro, estaba haciendo la misión, y de repente se fue volando, pulsé RTH y pitaba pero nunca volvió, al final lo encontré sobre un árbol, en el último punto conocido por la aplicación de vuelo, y volaba con GS Pro, servicio técnico nunca me dió explicaciones y tras otro incidente me sustituyeron el equipo.

Včera sa mi stalo, mini SE stratil signál a začal pristávať na mieste strateného signálu. DJI app sa vráti na miesto štartu.