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Launched my Air2s today to record a construction site at the bottom of our street. I had set 5 SECOND STAY ACTIONS at each of the 4 corners of the construction sites. First attempt the drone stayed at one corner of the construction site and would not progress to the next way point so I had to abort and RTH, Created a new flight plan without any Actions and it completed but not without problems as can be seen in the Flight Logs. However I’d need some help in deciphering the flight logs so if anyone can help let me know and I’ll provide the logs.
Drone Model : DJI Air 2S
Mobile : Samsung Galaxy S20 5G
Android Version : 13
Litchi Version : v4.26.2-g
DJI Firmware :
DJI Fly : v1.9.4(1260-offical)

Here is where I would start. Upload here, then others can view the log info.

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Thanks Sam…

Can’t see anywhere on that site to ask for help or share these log files so here’s the link to them

Failed/Aborted Flight

New Flight with issues

All the way at the bottom of that screen, you should see

Getting Help With Your Flight Logs

If you need help, please create a new topic in the DJI Drone Help forum. If you have questions about a specific flight log, please upload it above and include a link in your forum topic to the page that opens after uploading your flight log. It would also be helpful if you include as much information about your flight as you can remember.

Its a forum similar to this one.

Just my 2 cents worth, there are probably a lot of interference issues around that construction site that could cause some problem with Joystick controlled drones like the Air 2S.

That’s typcical behaviour for VSC-drones when the control signal is intermittend.

Try starting (homepoint) the mission much closer to the site, like the entrance of the site on the B507 (northland road).

There’s NOTHING wrong with your equipment.

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