Grid Waypoint Tool

@James1 Great work! Thank you for sharing with the pilot community.
I mention your website everytime I see a post on a forum asking about advice on mapping software. I love your web app.
Would it be difficult to implement a linear feature mapping function? The user would draw the flight path as an open route rather than a closed polygon. The software would calculate the photo spacing based on the selected camera sensor and altitude.
I know doing this is possible directly in Litchi by manually adding waypoints using the click and drag method. Looking for a faster way. (might be similar to building facade mapping, but only 1 level, facing 0 or 90 degrees to the travel path.)

Second Image is trying to create contiguous flight plans using your mapping app and exporting intermediate steps with limited success. I have many corridor tracks to plan for mapping. I will evetually be making multiple actions at each point, 4, camera pitches.)



@James1 Hi James, is there any way I could import a kml file into your tool and use that as the boudary to create a grid inside of?