Gimbal stability problems during a mission (AIR 2S)

I noticed a very poor gimbal stabilization of my Air2S during a waypoint mission performed a moderately windy afternoon with gusts of about 15mph.

The lateral (horizontal) stability looks very deficient, ruining completely the video. This is particularly proeminent when the drone is climbing, receiving the wind by 1/4 laterally, less with wind almost backward with a rather horizontal flight.

Look at the video which correspond to grossly waypoint 2/waypoint 6 of this mission :

Did somebody else faced this problem ?

If so, is there something to do to fix it or, at least, to improve it ?

Video :

Is the firmware on the A2S upto date with no hacks applied

Yes it is. Fully up-to-date.

This is a known issue with your drone.

You didn’t do too badly. It will be enough to apply the stabilization effect to this video file and you will get a smooth video

And no improvement possible by modifying the settings ?

Choose missions with short distance and stable phone-drone connection

During the phase of the mission which gave the video above I was located 50 to 200m from the drone with an excellent connection with it. The video corresponds to the flight from WP2 to past WP6 of the screenshot. The black arrow indicates the place I was standing up.

Try a range of 50 meters

The slightest delay in the communication channel will lead to this effect for your drone.

In a range of 50m I don’t need waypoints :wink:
And and do not observe this effect when I fly manually the same path, acting on the joysticks. The delays in the communication are identical.

When you fly in fpv, the drone does not send signals back to your phone whether it has reached the point

?? I don’t understand at all (and I don’t fly in FPV).

Now other users will come and explain to you what vsc is.

Fpv mode is when you control sticks

FPV only means “First visual person”. That’s all. Usually practiced with goggles.
Nothing to do with my problem.

This is not true. With glasses you fly in VR mode

Try changing the gimbal pitch speed and smoothness value in the settings page to a slower

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The problem does not come from the pitch, but from the yaw correction. Pitch movements and adaptation are nearly perfects.

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Read this thread

You can’t do anything about it with your drone model.