Flight stopped without cause

Hello. My name is Santi and I have been using Lichi for some time. It is a fantastic software and for me very useful. I need help with a problem that occurs when I fly with Lichi. I do a lot of aerial mapping flights (for hobby) and normally there are no problems, but on some occasions my Air2s stops at a point in the flight and remains stationary when it shouldn’t be.
As I mentioned before, it only happens to me on some flights and the funny thing is that they are all programmed in an almost identical way.
I leave a link to the flight in case someone can tell me if they see something strange that could cause this stop. In this flight the drone stops at waypoint 135 and does not follow its trajectory.
All the best.
(Mission Hub - Litchi)

If it has been a while since you calibrated the compass, IMU, camera, and collision sensors, or if you took delivery of the drone without carrying out any calibrations at all as I did initially, I strongly recommend that you take a day to calibrate all the above key aspects of your drone because uncommanded stops during Litchi missions COULD be related to overdue calibrations.

I nearly lost both my Mavic 1 Pro and my Mavic Pro Platinum drones when they were miles from home because I couldn’t be bothered doing any calibrations since the drones appeared to fly normally. That negligence was a mistake and it caused both drones to stop and hover multiple times during Litchi missions, draining precious battery power in the process until it was nearly too late when I flipped over to sport mode and brought them in.

Those alarming stop and go symptoms vanished after a comprehensive calibration of all features requiring that process periodically.

Uploading the flight log and providing a link to it will give more information about the flight.
Like @Mad_Pup said, other than a sensor or other physical drone issue then its hard to tell.
The flight log will give badly needed diagnostic information.

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Thank you. The drone is calibrated about 3 months ago. I will recalibrate it.

Do you mean upload the flight log to the forum?
Yes that’s how it is. How is it done?

Upload it here:

Then, you can provide the link to it and let others help diagnose it.


Thank you. I have already uploaded it. The truth is that I am unable to draw any conclusions. I am not clear how to interpret the log data.
[DJI Flight Log Viewer - PhantomHelp.com
(DJI Flight Log Viewer - PhantomHelp.com)

If you notice the ‘attitude’ indicator, it appears that you were fighting a western wind condition for the entire flight.

At 7m 12.5s the speed starts to drop from 17 mph down to 5 mph in just 2 seconds and the attitude indicator at 7m 13s indicates a pitch down.

At 7m 27.5s you switched to Sport mode and flew home.

I’m sure other pilots can give more details about what happened. My suspicion is wind related.

Yes, there was wind. But I don’t understand why it stops and doesn’t continue afterwards. Does the Air2s have any system that causes the flight to be canceled due to strong winds? No type of notice appeared in the Lichi application.
Thank you.

One detail that I forgot to mention is that when the flight fails, it always does so at the same point, that is, if I repeat the flight three times, the stop is always at the same point.

Would you share the mission from the Mission Hub?
If you’re not familiar with how to do it, this will help.

Of course. If you go to the first message, below is a link to the mission.

You’re right, my apology. :laughing: I dont see anything wrong with the mission that would cause it to always stop at that point. Sorry that I dont have any more useful info for you

Thank you anyway. I will keep trying things.

Is it possible for you to move that mission to a new location and fly it?

Yeah. I will do several tests. If I discover any relevant data I will comment. :+1:

This sounds very similar to a signal loss issue mentioned a while back. Here is a link. Watch the video on YouTube.

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I wondered that too. The flight log shows a distance to home of <200 ft when the problem started. And the max distance from Home throughout the mission was <600 ft. It appears to be a wide open field. I know there are people that are much better at diagnosing problems like this than me. I hope they might lend a hand.

I have had the same thing happen to me last fall and once returned home I sent drone back to last position and was able to complete the mission from there. I too don’t have an explanation as to why this happens on my Air2S.

The mystery of waypoint 135.
Today I have done tests again. I have flown the mission as it was and it has failed again in the same place (135).
Then I have copied and moved 100m. to the east and the mission has been completed perfectly. Before making the flights I have calibrated the aircraft.
I have also flown similar missions in the same place today and they all went perfectly. :thinking: :thinking: