Flight stopped without cause

Did you fly your original mission again, in the original place that gave you problems at Waypoint 135 after calibration? I wasnt quite sure if you had. I hope everything is good with future flights.

Yes, but moving it relatively little has gone well.

I’m also struggling with a similar problem. I have a mission that pauses indefinitely at the same point. I’ve gone through the flight logs and haven’t noticed any big issues like signal loss or low number of satellites so it has puzzled me.

One thing I did try and seemed to have limited success was changing the mission from curved lines to straight lines. When I do this the mission seems to work. Obviously it’s not what I want because I would prefer continuous smooth lines between waypoints rather than pauses at each waypoint, but maybe this is another clue to why some missions pause forever?

Hello Stew. At the beginning I also used the option of straight lines between waypoints, but since it stopped at each one it was not a valid option.
This may have something to do with it, but that can only be cleared up by the LIchi team.

One of the primary things that DJI warns about is signal interference. It can cause many of the weird drone behaviors that people talk about. One big difference between signal loss and certain types of interference is the intermittent behavior of the drone.

Signal loss of over 6 seconds causes a RTH in most fly app drones (excluding Mavic 3’s that can now upload the missions to the drone), but intermittent interference can cause a “stop and go” effect.

Also the timing of the interference can change, especially if it is communication based. This is why it is often recommended to move to a different area and then try the same mission again if you get inconsistant results.

Another thing that can affect the drones behavior is the obstacle avoidance sensors. Sometimes flying into the sun can cause the drone to just stop and seem to wait.

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Just a thought… If it was only in WP 135, and when you copied the whole mission over to a new location and it worked fine… That smells a bit of data corruption; a bad bit somewhere that was fixed with a rewrite/elsewhere?

You have “above ground” enabled for waypoint 134