Does Litchi App works on DJI mini 3 Pro?

That is correct. DJI created the MSDKv5 to support the Mini 3. LItchi created the Litchi Pilot app based on MSDKv5.

Yes. Of course, the DJI Smart Controller is used with slightly older drones such as the Mavic 2 Pro, Mini 2, Air 2, Phantom 4 Pro v2, etc.

Google Earth Pro can be used to create a path and then import that into Litchi’s Mission Hub. So, yes, GEP can be used to create a mission for the Mini 3 Pro.

The Mini 3 Pro does not support onboard waypoints. That means that the drone must always be within range of the controller as it flies a mission. See this:


Hello Wes, your input and confirmations are really useful - thank you and it seems that my interpretation of the current status is/was quite accurate. This is comforting and I’ll be doing some on-line Litchi shopping.
Thanks again and Cheers.

Hiya Wes and All,
Heading over to the Litchi Store, I observe that one will have to buy Litchi for each device on which it is installed. Now if I am to be using Litchi with the DJI smart controller, then is that the first device - or is the App downloaded to PC and then introduced by wire/card to the remote controller?
I sure don’t wanna be buying for the incorrect device/path of application and then have to buy it a 2nd time.
Thanks and Cheers.

That’s not exactly correct. You can use the Litchi app on as many devices as you wish without paying again as long as the Litchi app is downloaded from the same store. For example, I can pay for the Litchi app once through the Apple Store and then use it on both my iPhone and my iPad. If you buy Litchi through the Amazon store, you can use it without paying again on any other device that supports the Amazon store. Same with the Google Play store. What you cannot do is buy it on Google Play and then expect to download it for free from Amazon.