Does Litchi App works on DJI mini 3 Pro?

The mini 3 pro only runs on SDK5 which is ANDROID ONLY

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Using which app to fly your Mini 3 Pro? Is it the DJI app?

Are you saying that the original Litchi app (current iOS version 2.14.3) will work on the Mini 3 Pro with waypoints and waypoint actions being supported as well?
If so, that would seem to be ground-breaking news.
I’m sure there are a LOT of other Mini 3 Pro owners that would love to know that it already works in iOS with the version that has been released for almost a year now.

According to the official channels the original Litchi app is NOT compatible with the Mini 3 series, either on Android or iOS.

In my opinion it’s irresponsible of you to claim otherwise.
People might invest their hard earned money in equipment only to be dissapointed.

14 days ago, aug 13, you claimed Here and in the “New Litchi Pilot BETA” thread you started using Litchi Pilot Beta on a Lenovo tablet ! Now you say you will check it out this week.

So you are lying !

I can confirm that the combination Mini 3 Pro & iPad Mini 4 (iOS 15.7.7) & Litchi v2.14.3 does NOT work.

I can also confirm that it does NOT work with the DJI Crystal Sky, Nvidia Shield K1, Samsung Galaxy Tab S2, S7 Edge, S8 & S9 Plus.


Good detective work! @ChiefPilot hoisted on his own petard!


I am considering a DJI Mini 4 Pro, but only if I can use mission hub and a Litchi app to fly it. Is there support yet for the Mini 4 Pro? If not, is it planned?

Thank You.
I love the product and have flown countless missions with my Phantom 3 Pro, but I’m overdue for an upgrade.

@HalloweenBob ,

Until DJI releases a SDK for new models like the Mini 4 Pro, then Litchi nor any other software development team are able to support such models.
It is totally in the hands of DJI. They could possibly implement the Mini 4 into the most recently released SDKv5. If so, that would make it easier for software developers. But, without hearing from DJI we can only speculate.

And looking on past history, IF DJI decide to add the mini4 pro to the SDK it normally takes about a year after drone release

Well, that is disappointing.

What is the latest release in the mini series that is compatible with the Litchi App?

Here is a really good site for you to see. Lots of drone models, status of SDK and Litchi support.

Thank you! That chart is VERY useful!

OK folks let’s keep this more professional as pilots should. After reading my original post I have no idea how I ventured saying in my posts about the the Mini 3 Pro was working in IOS but I did. That was definitely not correct. I do run the beta pilot version in Android tablet NOT in IOS. It was a mistake so Stacy can call me a liar as she wishes. Fly on!

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All things considered, I shud of stood in bed.

Is it possible to add your own map into the Mini3 pro controller?
Should be as you can use offline maps but I have not figured out how to do?

The plan is to add a waypoint grid to a map, download the entire map into the controller and make a manual waypoint mission.

What phones will be compatible with
Lutchi pilot and the dji m3p?

Modern Android phones

so how do i purchase the litchi pilot?

You cant purchase it, yet. It hasnt been released to the public.