Does Litchi App works on DJI mini 3 Pro?

a competitor APP managed to launch yesterday beta version fpv VR for Mini 3, but not yet for Mini 3 Pro

If Litchi doesn’t speed up, the business opportunities are all taken away by dronelink, and they have all entered the beta version

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Dronelink for the mini 3 pro & the RC Pro are actually out of beta, however the RC-N1 are still in beta

PS I’m just a Dronelink User

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Dronelink works fine for some but is way too complicated for this rat-hunting village boy. I even managed to copy a bunch of Litchi waypoint missions into Dronelink, but then never used Dronelink to actually fly any of my Phantoms or Mavics due to the daunting complexity of Dronelink that never fails to overheat my grey matter like an old Chevy plying a desert highway.

Old habits die hard, and I’ll continue paying homage at the Litchi altar until the cows come home. Being the diehard optimist that I am, I still cling to fading hope that DJI might modify the Mini 3 SDK to enable beyond-RC-range waypoint flights to be possible before Litchi finally releases their Mini 3 offering.

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I actually find Dronelink easier to use than litchi, far less loopholes to jump through, but each to their own

I also recently tried and enjoyed using Dronelink, however my interest is in who will provide a good fpv vr experience.

I can’t wait any longer, Litchi has been too long, and there is no official news, it should not be resolved in a short time, first buy DRONELINK and try it, I hope it is not difficult to use

Yes, the impression is that they are stopped in time. is the dronelink making images in fpv vr?

Any updates from DJI/Litchi when the DJI Mini 3 will be supported?. I’m mainly interested in the Follow-Me features. Or will that feature be in the new Litchi Pilot App?

Litchi Pilot supports the following drones: Mini 3, Mini 3 Pro, Mavic 3 Enterprise series (tested on M3E and M3T).

The original Litchi app will not support the Mini 3, because of the SDK issues.

If you tap on the top left Litchi icon in Litchi Pilot, you will get your answer: “More flight modes coming soon”
Follow, Pano and Orbit are planned to be added.

Good news - I was indeed aware that there were issues with the dji sdk.
Don’t mind switching to Litchi Pilot. is there an upgrade path? Pricing?
Does it suppr Follow me? Can’t find anything on the Litchi site.

@Dick_de_Reus ,
I would suggest reading the thread about Litchi Pilot Beta, especially the first post. Lots of info there.

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And it seems to be hanging in limbo since then.

I use Litchi Pilot with my Mini 3 Pro almost every day and it works very well…


When I read stuff like this it reminds me of when I first tried Litchi. It was to have basic functionality but for all of it you had to pay. My trial of litchi was a total failure until I bit the bullet and paid for it. Low and behold then It ALL worked. Odd.

I have built and flown 300+ cloud missions with FlyLitchi using IOS since 2017. I also have a new Lenovo Android tablet and started using the Test Pilot app on it with my Mini 3 Pro. ALL of my waypoint missions (with camera features) work as advertised with the new Pilot.

I’m not Jealous, but Dang. Seems my luck is always rather bad smelling.

i am brand new to drones but one of the MAIN reason i purchased is for waypoint video… not hyperlapse but video… am i understanding that if i utilize the Litchi Pilot app on android i can in fact fly line of site waypoint video? i assume that i must be flown with the N1 remote not the RC

The answer is ‘yes’ to which question?
It is my understanding that the original iOS version of Litchi is not supported on the Mini 3 Pro because of the MSDK issue. And it is in Beta now (Android only) for drones that use MSDKv5. iOS will not be available those those drones, since there isnt an iOS version of the MSDKv5.