Can you make a flight plan under 10 feet with this app?

I am trying to find a way to make an automated flight plan under 10 ft. I am trying to get my drone to scan the ground using an external sensor (but don’t worry about that part). I just need a way to automate the process while keeping the drone low. I initially tried using the DJI pilot app but it kept a 25 m minimum altitude which is way to high for what I need. A friend recommended me this app but I want to make sure it will actually do what I want it to before I drop $25 on it.

Short answer: Yes.

Have a look at this topic:

Thank you that does help. I have a follow up question. I was looking at mission Hub and other things on litchi’s website and notice that there were a lot of different flight plans (like waypoints, follow, etc.) but I did not notice a grid option. Is there a way to make a grid or do I just need to manually plot several hundred waypoints?

Not yet.

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Perhaps this can be usefull (for the time being).

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