Wouldn't turn to track POI

I ran a mission where the aircraft passed over the POI. the track was POI focused with “waypoint determined” direction set on. The aircraft would not change the direction of the aircraft to keep looking at the POI.

What drone, controller, Litchi platform, etc?

Do you have the Heading Mode set to ‘Custom WD’?
Gimbal Pitch set to ‘Focus POI’?

If you are willing to share your mission, that will help.
For assistance with sharing, here is a thread.

Mini 3 pro on latest firmware.
Running N1 RC
Litchi running on 8" Tripltek

Your waypoint mission is problematic. Keep in mind that when using POIs, the drone/camera is only required to point at the POI at the respective waypoints. While traveling between waypoints, both the heading and the gimbal pitch will interpolate between the heading and gimbal pitch angles defined at the two waypoints on either side.

For example, your waypoints 5 and 6 are configured to point at POI 3. At waypoint 5 the gimbal pitch is -72 degrees. At waypoint 6 the gimbal pitch is -66 degrees. At a point half way in between those two waypoints, the gimbal pitch will be -69 degrees which is not steep enough to capture the house below.

In extreme cases like yours, you will need to place waypoints much closer to your POIs.

I hope this make sense.

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@EricE555 ,

Wes is right about the gimbal pitch given the position of your waypoints and POI.
You can force the gimbal pitch much lower by placing a waypoint very closely to (even on top of) the POI. But the drawback is this: when approaching the waypoint that is positioned very closely to the POI, the gimbal will in fact point further down as desired. As you pass that waypoint, the drone will pivot around quickly which does not look good in a video.

Try adding a waypoint between your #5 and #6, right beside POI 3. You’ll see the effect it has.

Right, so in cases like this perhaps going around the outside of the houses is better instead of going over top. You are right, the quick switch in direction would not look good. This mission was just to get used to mission hub again. Sort of a training for myself so this is all super useful info.

@EricE555 ,
Yes, around will be better.
Keep the majority of the straight line path and make semi-circular paths around each of the houses.