Will Litchi work with either the Mavic 3 or the Mini 3 Pro?

This email to Litchi replied to me in the last few days, now I don’t understand why they turned off my post (LoL)
Maybe we should open a thread on reddit

Yeeeeeeeeehaaaaw ! The Eagle has landed, fellow Mini 3 owners. The eagle has landed and all is well once again, for the avoidance of doubt. In a very short period of time, Litchi waypoint missions will finally be possible with the Mini 3. Maycon Brenner, you are an upstanding gentleman and a scholar for being the first to break this earth-shaking news, while for all others in this virtual tavern, I sayeth verily unto thee that the first round of drinks will be on me.

Now then, sobering up ever so briefly, I must once again appeal to any DJI ears within range of this celebration that the powers that be MUST ensure also that memory storage of ALL waypoint GPS coordinates on board the Mini 3, is made possible just as it is with the Mavic 3.

Now if y’all will excuse me, I’m overdue to partake of some wanton indulgence in wine, women, and song on this wonderous day without further ado.

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@Mad_Pup , I think that will be waypoint missions using VSC as the mini3 doesn’t have onboard waypoint ability

I’m sad because Litchi won’t work for my purpose, I’m only interested in FPV VR

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Until DJI natively supports waypoints in the Mini 3 Pro you may as well stop asking this question. Litchi cannot provide native waypoint support unless the drone itself natively supports it.

Hope springs eternal Wes, and by mentioning how big of a deal it is to some Mini 3 owners to see DJI grant this on-board waypoint data storage for the Mini 3, there is yet a slim chance that this plea may be conveyed to DJI who might see fit to grant that technically feasible wish.

While many presumed that US governmental pressure on DJI meant that beyond RC signal fully autonomous waypoint flights would NOT be offered as a feature on any new DJI drones, the capability of the Mavic 3 to exceed RC signal range while being flown with DJI Fly offers a glimmer of hope that such a feature may yet be extended to the Mini 3 if unrelenting consumer demand merits such a sales-boosting concession.

This is fantastic news I hope Litchi enables the Mini 3 Pro in it’s eventual Pano Mode to make a complete 360 pano with no manual shots required. The Mini 3 Pro can do it it’s just that DJI hasn’t programmed the 360 pano mode correctly to do it and you need to take a single shot up to fix.

Would be really nice if Litchi for the Mini 3 pro supports 48MP HDR Spherical Panoramas, would be a real dealbreaker, biggest point why i sold my mavic 2 pro a month ago and switched to mini 3 pro

That’s certainly disappointing to hear about the Mavic 3 line.

The Litchi Pilot beta is open!


What is “disappointing to hear about the Mavic 3 line”?

What is the “Litchi Pilot beta”?

See this post:


Je moc fajn, že je aplikace pro Mini 3, ještě kdyby fungovala bylo by to i super. Instalace krklomná, ale každopádně po spuštění mi stále dokola oznamuje, že prozatím se aplikace odpojuje, takže po spuštění padá a nejde ji provozovat ani se nepřipojí dron a hned spadne.

When will the pilot app be available to purchase? I upgraded from the mini 2 to the mini 3 pro to get the way point feature just to find out it don’t work in video mode so now I’m looking for other options.

The new Litchi Pilot app is currently being beta tested. We don’t know when it will be production-ready and available for purchase but my guess would be within a few months.

The Mini 2 works with the current version of Litchi. However the Mini 2 SE is not supported by any 3rd-party software.

It’s not clear to me exactly you are saying doesn’t work in video mode.

If I purchase the current app to join the beta testing will I also have to purchase the release version? The mini 3 pro has waypoint mode in time-lapse mode but not when trying to just record videos.


This is the thread for the Beta test.

In the opening post, you’ll find this statement:

If you do not already own the previous Litchi app, we advise against purchasing it only to get access to the Litchi Pilot beta as Litchi Pilot will be a separate purchase when it is released to the general public.

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To be fair, why would they really care? It’s their drone at the end of the day, Litchi and other 3rd party Apps do a great job of filling in for the shortcomings of the DJI app or whatever functionality they decide each drone should have. I see no reason that DJI would ruch to realease anything, despite how much we as users would like thime too, or they could even add the same funtions in their apps.