Waypoints mode the drone's camera is aimed at the remote control automatically while driving

Mini 2. Waypoints mode the drone’s camera is aimed at the remote control while moving, by analogy with the follow mode, I would like to the camera itself focused on the remote control, while moving from point to point. Please.

Why can’t it be done, so that during the execution of waiponts mode, the camera would be directed to a dynamic point, for example, to a remote control that is located in a moving car, by analogy with GPS FOLLOW MODE? And the point of returning home was also dynamic. This mode would have a lot of applications for landscape dynamic shooting from cars, etc.

One of the competitors (I won’t write which one yet) already uses this option in its application, that is, during the execution of the “waypoints mode” function, moving along points, the camera looks at a MOVING smartphone /remote control, by analogy with the “Follow me mode” function only for a fixed direction…

What application does this?

Have you looked at “Focus” mode? Sounds like what you want to do…
Litchi Help Focus Mode

I would like to wait for a response from the official representative of Litchi, I’m sure they know about this option from a competitor, if I don’t wait, I’ll write, otherwise it won’t be very good if I immediately point to a competitor…

No, we are talking about focusing on a MOVING object during the mission in “waypoints mode”, that is, when the direction is set initially and the program tracks/focuses on the moving object.

Maybe a competitor discussion might get litchi thinking.

I’d really like this feature to set up cinematic shots yet keep myself as the subject while moving. Difficult to do with Waypoint mode as it is and Follow Me doesn’t cut it.

What is the competitor app that already does it?

Apparently, the representative of Litchi does not want to touch on this topic, but if he does not improve his application, they will very soon lose a significant part of potential users, as everything that is discussed here as future ideas for implementation is already in the Maven application

And that’s only supported on crapple devises , there are other apps out there, I’ve got several other apps to fly with, there isn’tand wont ever be a do it all app

Can you tell me which functions are not in Maven, but are in Litchi? I didn’t find any after comparing them, but on the contrary, yes…

litchi has a very nice interface to use.

Show where you found the setting in maven so that the smartphone is in the role of poi

I think this setting could not be done before because the mission was being uploaded to the drone.
For newer drones that are only controlled by phone, this is possible, but for litchi, you will have to change the control mode for older drones to use the “dynamic home point” as “poi”.

from 6:50 minutes it is shown how it is implemented in Maven, including for Mini 2. GPS Follow / Track Me Tutorial - Maven for DJI Drones (Mini 2 incl.) - YouTube

I thought you were talking about this feature. But you misunderstand how it works

This mode is in litchi and it’s called focus. It’s been around for a very long time and works well.

As with the maven app, this can only be used on straight sections. This is not the same as a mission with many waypoints.

video recording on the curve will turn out badly

Yes, in the Maven application, it only works in a straight line (for now), but it works automatically, you do not need to touch the sticks on the controller, the drone flies along a predetermined trajectory and focuses on a MOVING object. Focus mode or tracking in litchi is a completely different story. You either need to control the drone yourself while moving, or leave it in place and it will focus on you. Obviously, this is not what Maven is offering