Waypoints mode the drone's camera is aimed at the remote control automatically while driving

But in litchi, you can fly anywhere in focus mode, and the drone will be directed to a mobile device, maven does not have such a setting.

Litchi has 2 modes to follow:

Follow - this follows the controller using the GPS signal
Track - using this method you draw a box around the object you want to track, and it tracks it visually

Neither of the above require any physical stick input

Watch carefully the video on the link in full, everything is there. Moreover, tracking works more smoothly in contrast to litchi

My particular use case is that I ride a motorcycle and want to film myself and the scenery.

Follow mode doesn’t allow me to specify where the drone flies and so it’s difficult to frame a specific shot to include the scenery. Waypoint mode doesn’t allow me to auto point the camera at myself.

What I want is a combination of the two so I can predefine where the drone flies (also to ensure it doesn’t hit anything) but keep myself in shot.

Having now checked, Maven does it in cable cam mode, which is almost what I want but only allows a straight line between two waypoints.

3 modes. Check out focus mode. Focus on mobile device

I’ll give you an example of a shot that I can’t currently achieve on my own with Litchi or any other app:

Start with a tight shot of the motorcycle riding along a mountain road, drone keeping pace with the rider
Move up and back to reveal the mountain scenery while keeping the motorcycle in the shot
Come back down/forward as the rider moves off into the distance

Waypoint with Dynamic POI would solve this problem :slight_smile:

Everything is the same in Maven, but I wrote a little about something else, finally understand. In Litchi, all tracking functions for a moving object work at pre-set distances from the target, for example 40 meters, by the way tracking and orbits work disgusting in Litchi (the object is constantly lost) and you know it. And in Maven, we set the drone’s speed and direction in advance and it can move, focusing on us in motion while moving away (if your speed is less or more), which looks very impressive when shooting a video. It turns out as if the two functions follow mode and waiponts mode are well mixed. (only for one line at the moment)

How maven sets the speed in cable cam mode?

You use the joystick to select the speed before the start and/or during the mission. And it’s very convenient, you don’t have to try to move the slider on a small screen. One more time… Watch the video CAREFULLY, there are all the answers. I have nothing to do with this application, I just see how it already implements what we are discussing here on the forum as possible options (and someone is trying to prove that they are impossible in any way). I’m trying to make them available in the Litchi app, that’s all.

So I see that I need to fly to the first point and disperse the drone with the movement of the stick. This is not at all like pressing the “start” button in litchi missions.

You need to look better, it’s not like that.

Show where in maven you can adjust the speed without a remote control?

Litchi should just make poi dynamic. But this cannot be done for dji go4 drones, you will have to make virtual sticks for such drones, or do 2 modes.

So the limitation is that you cannot send DJI GO4 drones a set of waypoints AND have the POI dynamic? Presumably Maven must use virtual sticks then?

If the mission is with all the poi in the drone’s memory, how will it track the phone in real time

All modes except “mission” always use virtual sticks.

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I think we’re clear on the feature request. Just need some more votes! :slight_smile:

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How do we know if these feature requests make it onto the dev backlog?