Waypoint Questions

A couple Waypoint questions:

  1. Adjust speed - during the flight, can I adjust the speed up or down without interrupting the mission?
  2. Video the curve - I have three waypoints, the first two laid out perfectly north/south. While flying between the first two (Headed North) the camera is aimed due East. My third waypoint is exactly North/West at 45 Degrees - and the mission is set to fly the curve for a 90 degree arc. Can I tell the camera to point out from the curve so it films the curve, from my second waypoint (facing East) until the third waypoint where it would be facing North?

Of course you can do that

Set poi and specify counterclockwise rotation

  1. Overriding flying speed is possible with the right stick, BUT this does NOT work (yet) with drones build for the DJI Fly App (Mini1 and newer drones, i.e. VSC-drones)

  2. Create a mission with Settings:
    -Heading Mode: Custom(WD)
    -Path Mode: Curved Turns
    For the Arc (curve) you need an extra waypoint at the crosspoint between WP2 and WP3.
    NO need for POI’s.
    NO need for counterclockwise rotation.
    Set the Heading of WP1 to 90°.
    Set the Heading of WP2 to 90°.
    Set the Heading of WPextra to 45°.
    Set the Heading of WP3(4) to 0°.
    The drone will gradually rotate from 90° (WP2) to 0° (WP3(4)) counterclockwise whilst flying between those waypoints.


Thanks TriBar for the detail.
Follow up:

  • Why do we need the additional WP at 45 degrees? (no problem to add, just seeking understanding)
  • To get a full 180 degree arc, I would just continue adding WP like WPExtra and WP4, just with progressive directions (ie, 315, 270), right?

If you didn’t have the additional waypoint at 45 deg the pan wouldn’t be as smooth, and yes you’re correct on getting the full 180 arc

You have two paths. Set multiple wp and put poi for direction. Or put a few points and manually set the direction.

Without the extra waypoint the drone would start yawing (turning) before reaching WP2.

Or follow bpa’s advice and “put a few points”.


Can’t do that its got more than 99 points… :wink: :rofl:


Back to my question about adjusting the speed mid mission. IF I slow it down, or speed it up, it seems it would do one of a few things when I let go:

  • return to previous speed
  • remain at adjusted speed until adjusted again, or next waypoint

Any insight on this?

Thank you - I was about to create a new post asking about this. In the Litchi User Guide it states,

Cruising Speed : Defines the autonomous flight speed of the aircraft. If you do not use the remote controller’s right joystick (mode 2) during the mission, the speed the aircraft will travel at is the cruising speed. Can be set to negative values if you want the aircraft to travel backwards autonomously. Can be adjusted while the mission is in progress.

I use a custom mode for my flight controls, I thought perhaps it was because I don’t use Mode 2 that I couldn’t get this feature to work with my Mini 2. It seems like it’s just not available yet?

New to this Forum and not sure if this is the correct place to ask this question. I created a waypoint mission and all looked good until the drone started tracking either my controller or the Home Point like it was a POI. I have tried on my own to figure out what I’m doing wrong, but I’m out of ideals.

Hi. this forum is a great place to get answers to your Litchi questions/issues. However, you posed your question as a reply to my post… This may limit how many people will see, and respond to your issue. You may want to create a new post to ensure it gets the right visibility.

Sorry I don’t have insight for yours question - I am quite new to this as well.

The mission does not track a mobile device. There is no such setting yet.

Could you share this waypoint mission?
Instructions can be found here: