Waypoint mode - gimbal on Air 2s not following along

Simplified the missions and tried again. But the drone shot with gimbal at -90 the entire time.

Created one that where gimbal is set to a few different POI (all WPs are set to 1 of 2 POIs):

And one where gimbal is set to interpolate throughout with WP1 @ -50 and the next 5 are set between 0 to -20:

Did I miss something obvious?

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No, you didn’t miss anything obvious. While I could make some suggestions about your missions, there is nothing in them that would cause a -90 degree gimbal pitch angle. Therefore, something else is causing this.

Did you “force-close” DJI Fly before running Litchi?
Are you located really close to this mission while flying it?

I did force quit the DJI app. And I’m no further than 250 yards from the drone at any time. Is there a chance I missed something and the app isn’t set up for the Air 2s, its defaulting to a different drone (with different gimbal coding)? At a loss…

Force-closing the DJI app is important because, if running/suspended in the background, it can still prevent Litchi from operating correctly. You said that you have “force-closed” (not just closed) it. So that shouldn’t be the problem. You are close enough so that signal issues shouldn’t be the problem.

The gimbal rotating to -90 is normal when landing, but you say it is happening during a mission. I am at a loss. I haven’t heard of this problem before. You said that you found posts with similar issues. Can you point me toward one?

Do you have the video you could share?


Here you go:

Here’s another thread that seems to have similar issue, but no resolution:

Thanks, which mission is it that you shared, I’m having trouble with one of them when I try to send it from VLM to GEP.


Edit I see this coming from drop box, I’m trying to downloaded right now.

This was the one where all WPs had POI selected throughout. Thank you

I watched the video, I keep getting errors, to VLM and to Google Earth, I will get back later…


I figured out why VLM was creating errors. Don’t put an * in the begging of the filename. Everything works except the last part.

So, you got any other missions you have tried?
From my missions I have ran at least 40+, I don’t think it is a Litchi problem.

I got many ideas I’m thinking of, until I get some more from you, I will be waiting.

Closing DJI, etc, using an android yes…There use to be an app to do that. I think it was appkiller?
I feel like something is still running on that Android…


Change for a drone flying with Go4 (what I did recently). This “joystick” procedure is a mess.

Here is a very similar thread: Air 2S Gimbal Locked -90 - Waypoints - #5 by Eric_Dominowski

Yeah, I think I seen that. It is over a year old, until the thread starter gives us an update?
Anyways… :ok_hand:


Maybe this Air 2S experience will be helpful: I had a simple mission with 12 waypoints and a single POI that flew perfectly until I added a waypoint and slightly adjusted another one. The gimbal would then point toward the POI but it would not pitch down toward it no matter how many times I double-checked and reset the waypoint gimbal parameters. I then completely deleted the POI and then recreated it exactly the same and everything worked perfectly. One of those go fig’r things I suppose. Good luck.


Thanks for your input :ok_hand:



I don’t understand why so many people didn’t notice this.

I still don’t get it, he shared 2 missions there is no WayPoint 7 on ether. The only thing I avoid is the above ground option, so please explain.


You have all waypoints at normal height, and for poi 3 the setting is above ground.

I’m not the OP that started this thread. I still don’t know why you showed Waypoint 7 in your post. At the moment I don’t think you are helping the OP’s question.
Please Prove me wrong.


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