Waypoint Mission using IOS

I created a waypoint mission for taking photos of a construction site. I set the waypoints by fling to the location and setting the waypoints and gimbal angles for each point using
Interpolate. Everything works great except when I add an action of waiting for 2 sec. before taking a picture, it doesn’t work ( No Picture). If I delete the time delay it works fine. Any suggestions on what I’m doing wrong.

Check your Mission Settings, specifically the Path Mode. If it is set to ‘Curved Turns’ the waypoint actions wont work. It must be set to ‘Straight Lines’ for any waypoint actions to work.

That was the first thing I checked. I had it set for 4 sec.
So I changed them to 2 sec. and will try again this week. I’ll let the group know if I get it to work.

Simply changing the ‘Stay For’ action length wont benefit anything. Share your mission and someone will take a look at it.

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Waypoint Actions will be ignored when the “Mission Setting” “Path Mode” is set to “Curverd Turns”, “Path Mode” has to be set to “Straight Lines”.

Waypoint Actions always work for the first and last waypoint in a mission regardless what “Path Mode” is chosen.

That seems strange, it would either imply you have “Path Mode” set to “Straight Lines” or this happens at the first and/or last waypoint or you have AFC (Auto Focus Continuous) enabled.
AFC can sometimes prevent a photo from being taken (when the refocus and Take Photo action are triggered at exactly the same time).

Here you will find instructions on how to share a waypoint mission: