Waypoint Mission Flys at Angle

Thank you so much. I appreciate the responses and the suggestions.

I’m still hoping to get an answer to this question:

Sorry for ignoring your question. Simply pushing the left stick in the forward position increases elevation of the drone and as far as I can tell, the camera is pointing in the same direction as the drone. Thank you.

Sorry. I meant right stick.

In manual mode, pushing the right stick forward moves the drone forward with the camera aligned as far as I can tell. I noticed also this morning that when I was using Pix4D Capture for a mapping mission, the images taken were also angled. I’m wondering if in any automated mission, irrespective of the software, the drone is flying at an angle. In manual mode, it flies fine.

If this yaw issue does not occur when flying manually, then I’m stumped. I would have expected to see the same issue no matter what software was used.

@Shafik_Keshani, did you find any resolution for this? I’m experiencing it on two P4Ps. I’m using Auto TNW, and it’s happening on missions that I have flown many times with expected results.

@Perry_Clark I did not find a solution. I was able to replicate it using the DJI GO 4 app in their waypoints and so I sent it into DJI for repair. They sent the unit back to me repaired or it was a replacement but I’m having the same issue with that replacement unit. I don’t understand what’s going on? I am in conversations with them right now but it’s a slow going process and I don’t know if they are going to do anything about it.

Please keep me posted if you find anything and I will do the same. I’ve been struggling with this for quite some time now.

@Shafik_Keshani I used the Pix4d app drew a shape that created one run on the same alignment and that flew as expected.

I have two P4Ps both recently upgraded firmware that both are doing it. Unfortunately I cannot downgrade. I did everything possible multiple times to upgrade, reset, or calibrate. I also tried iPhone and iPad and got the same results.

Could you please outline how you ran the DJI test and I will test the same way.

@Perry_Clark I’m traveling right now but I’ll go from memory. My test was on a soccer field. Using the DJI Go 4 app, I took the P4P to a 100 feet with the camera pointing straight down on a line on the soccer field. I’m the App I went to waypoints and started creating my waypoint mission following the line and creating waypoints and very 10 - 15 feet. Very simple straight line with camera pointing down. I then run the mission and recorded it. When the mission is running, I can see the drone flying at a slight angle and I verify this by looking at the recorded footage afterwards. I hope this helps.

@Shafik_Keshani I confirmed that DJI waypoint missions have the same behavior. So I guess I need to focus on DJI.

Litchi support said, “Litchi is using DJI’s built in waypoint mode… we only use our own waypoint mode for newer DJI fly drones”.

For the record, here is a two point DJI waypoint mission with the Route-Linked Heading option selected. Fly to waypoint, then return to home on the same alignment. It is flying directly down the trail but the drone is visibly rotated in the air.

Have you tried calibrating the compass ?

Unfortunately yes. I’m fully updated and calibrated everything many times… Refreshed firmware, removed and reinstalled apps, used a second mobile device. I have two P4P’s doing this.

This is my exact problem and have been struggling. Same, have some compass, IMU, gimbal calibration, etc to no avail. Even received a repaired or replacement P4P from DJI and having the same issue.

I’ve tried also different tablets. The only thing I have t tried is a different controller as I only have one.

Both of mine have their own controllers. Out of desperation I am going to try degaussing. I don’t have much hope for this because most people that had improvement from this were getting constant compass recalibration messages. I have had compass calibration message but not currently and not constantly. After calibration the app reports all good.

Maybe it is possible that the compass and direction module circuit board inside the drone
is working perfectly, but it has rotated slightly out of line relative to the body of the drone.

Can you take the lid off the drone to see if the circuit board has become loose and has rotated slightly ?

My gut is telling me it is not mechanical since I have two drones doing the same thing. I thought it might be related to upgrades, but if it was software I’m sure there would be more reports of this. It’s a tough spot to be in.

Does the drone fly straight in fpv mode?

I gave FPV a try and it appears to have been the same. That setting does not appear to stick either so I am wondering after I close DJI Go 4 and open Litchi if that is lost anyway.

For the record, I gave degaussing a shot with the Amazon watch demagnetized and nothing happened. Compass still reported that they were calibrated.

Adjust your dji go4 camera angle

Or rotate the drone in mission to this angle