VLM discontinued?

Has the VLM options in the Hub been discontinued. They are no longer working for me at all.

Did I miss an announcment? This has been a great instructional tool for my classes.

Hello Douglas_Parcher, the VLM definitely still works on my computer. Does the VLM Chrome Browser Export still show in RED? You might want to reinstall your apps if this is sudden and there have been no changes by you.

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Thanks Steve … very strange, i had to remove the extension, update Chrome and reboot my Mac to get it working again… Weird …


Hi, it doesn’t work for me either. Don’t worry, there is an elegant alternative. There is a browser extension for Google Chrome. You can download this from the internet. Please read the explanation beforehand in the Litchi forum under the following link.

Hi K … I deleted the extension and reinstalled it. The closed Chrome and rebooted the Mac and that did the trick … the VLK export is functioning as advertised … I hope it works for ya

Hello guys! I have been trying to figure this Chrome Litchi Virtual Mission thing out for myself and I can’t get it to work at all. I am using the Opera browser and somewhere I found the Chrome Litchi Virtual Mission and installed it. When I open a mission in Google Earth Pro, I see my planned mission just fine as a static view but I thought there was a way to “fly” the entire mission using VLM. So far, I can’t find any way to do that. I tried what was suggested here to delete the extension and reinstall it but now when I search for the “Chrome Litchi Virtual Mission”, it is not found. BTW, I do have an extension that allows me to install Chrome extensions as well.

Am I wrong about being able to view a type of video of my planned mission? Thanks for any help on this.

In google earth, click on the arrow next to the mission name, then double tap on Virtual Mission



Thank you for the tip. However, I have this one mission saved in Google Earth Pro and there is no tab shown labeled Virtual Mission.

The Litchi 3D Path that you show is not a Virtual Litchi Mission. It only shows the Waypoints in 3D fashion on Google Earth Pro. You created that by using the Export as KML 3D Path.
If you used the red Export as VLM option, you would have the Virtual Mission as shown.


I deleted the old files and exported the mission as VLM. When I opened the file in Google Earth Pro this time, the virtual mission was there but when I clicked on it to play it, it was all distorted and choppy and looked like it was playing the video near ground level instead of 160 feet. What have I overlooked at this point? Am I missing a driver for the GEP app or something? Thanks again for your help.

If you are still using the Mission Hub website to export your mission, it wont work. There is something screwed up with the altitude parameter and nobody has figured it out yet.

There is a desktop version, that is still working.
Download latest version here :
Virtual Litchi Mission V2.8.1

The little globe next to Mission Hub (above the search box) is the Send Mission to Google Earth feature.

Hope this works for you.


Worked like a charm and I thank you very, very much for the help with this. I hope that the problem with the altitude parameter is fixed at some point. I really enjoyed watching the mission in action. Now to fly that short mission and get some 4k footage of it with my Mini 2. It also occurred to me that this is a good way to know if any changes are needed or wanted. Litchi is just too cool!!! :+1: :smiley:

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Well, it worked like a charm a few times but now the app starts with the DJI sound but no picture. I tried uninstalling it using an uninstaller app and reinstalling it but that did not help. When I run the app and hear the sound, I see the icon in the taskbar tray and I can mouse over it and see a thumbnail of the app but the screen is blank. I am stumped.

Check with the Official VLM site and see what they have to say.
The designer of the VLM program is Namirda and is very helpful when needed.
Other forum members may try to help first, but the sites only limitation is they don’t cover the Chrome Browser Extension since it was developed by someone else.
Virtual Litchi Mission | DJI Mavic, Air & Mini Drone Community