Litchi Virtual Mission (Browser Extension)

Adds ability to export mission from mission hub as google earth virtual tour
This extension provides same functionality as original Virtual Litchi Mission app


  1. Install google-earth(-pro) desktop app.
  2. Go to Mission Hub - Litchi
  3. Select a mission, click “MISSIONS”->“Export as VLM”, it will download .kml file
  4. Click downloaded .kml file to open it in google earth (or import it into google arth manually).
  5. In google earth click mission name under “Temporary places” and double-click “Virtual mission”

Be sure to set the correct FOV for your drone model in the extension settings

Chrome Extension

Firefox Extension

Made by bazuchan

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You can also use the by far superior web browser called Firefox :wink:


I have a DJI Mini 2 which is not currently listed. Which is the best one to choose in the settings, for the time being?


The Chrome extension was working a few days ago. Now when I try to export to a VLM I get an error “ says Can’t covert to klm:”. this was a very useful tool. What can i do to get it working again?

Thanks you,

I got the same problem, Litchi say "Can´t convert to klm

Hope someone can help on this matter, thanks.

Litchi Export 1
“Export as VLM”.This is no longer an option?
Mini 2, iOS, iPhone Xs Max

But the “Export as KML 3D Path” works just fine.

What browser, and are you sure you’ve still got the extension enabled

I use Chrome and I still got the extension. The weird thing is it still works at my home pc, but not on my office pc.

That’s strange, possibly something blocking it on your works pc, like a firewall, or your AV

I had tried the Hotline, but they have not changed anything. I also tried via Firefox, but I got the same answer. After the new "Export as KLM 3D path had arrived, the Export to VLM haven’t work.

Maybe try removing the extension & reinstall it, I’ve got it on machines running waterfox and it works fine

I have tried to reinstall the extension, but it didn’t help Martin.

Almost sounds as though something on the works PC is blocking the extension, seeing that you’ve tried it both on chrome & firefox, and that it works on your home pc

The extension is install without any problem, but when trying to convert to klm, it failed. It is strange…

i use adblocker on firefox, i had to allow this site, once i did convert to worked

I have tried it too on firefox, but it didn’t solve the problem sadly.
Perhaps I was using the wrong adblocker program, there are many with that name…

I can still not export as VLM, and can see this choice is now marked red.

Anyone know what cause that this function problems?


Do you have Google earth installed

Hi. I dont see anymore option Export as a VLM in Mission menu.
Then I can’t yet simulate missions in google earth
Menu Pas de Export to VLM