Video with S22 Ultra

It does not work to film in Lichi when I use my new phone which is a Samsung S22 Ultra, only get a still image that is changed with some delay. Any solution in progress?

Please check known issues Known Issues with current release versions

The known issues page says it does not work with Exynos. If my S22 Ultra has snapdragon does that work? My DJI Fly app doesn’t work on my phone. I am thinking about purchasing Litchi but it would be good to know if it will work first.

I purchased Litchi because my S22 Ultra and DJI Phantom 4 pro would not talk to each other and I had read that Litchi was the solution, it isn’t. Litchi comes up on my phone but will not connect with the controller or Phantom. It looks nice and has so nice looking features, at least they sound nice but since they won’t work on my Samsung S22 Ultra with a Snapdragon processor, I wasted $25.00.

I will wait a day or two looking for a response to make it work but then I will be telling my credit card company to take the charge back.

If anyone knows a way to make this work I would be interested. For now I purchased a small used Iphone so I can fly but not with Litchi, since the DJI app works on Iphones. I will just use the DJI app for now.

The same at me, 25€ for nothing, trank you!
S22 Ultra Exynos, Video not working!