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I’ve had a lot of fun filming missions and basic editing via iMovie on iOS. I’m a novice in this department but have done some nice videos friends have enjoyed.
The biggest stumbling block I have is converting the file size(which is huge from the drone) to a smaller file size for sharing without loosing video quality.
Can anyone offer suggestions to accomplish this in an easy to follow explanation? Some of the software I’ve tried are so complicated to learn I just gave up. I can’t be the only one looking for help to do this. B.

I suggest you search youtube for “iMovie tutorial”
I found this short tutorial which, at the end, explains how to export a video for different social media platforms.

I use videoproc converter.
This software will typically chop down a 50 Mb drone 4k video file to a 10 Mb 4k file
with no visible loss of quality.
Perfect for youtube, saves a hell of a lot of time uploading the video.

So good I actually bought the program, it is about £ 35 for lifetime use and free updates.
Also does a lot of other things too, audio and download videos, also recording studio.

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The drone video goes on to the sdxc card in the drone.
Not the phone.

Needs to go on the phone at some point if that’s how the OP is going to share it social media

Yo uso Movavi Video Editor en el PC. Es muy sencillo y muy intuitivo de usar y puedes pasarlo a otros formatos sin perder calidad, tanto en HD como en FHD.

If you are serious about getting more into editing, I would recommend Grass Valley software, Edius X. This will take in all file formats, and you can output edited video to suit any requirement. If has more than you may ever need. If you already has some experience with editing, then not too steep a learning curve.

My video files go straight from the sdxc card to the hard disk on the computer
for Davinci Resolve.

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If a video software company very cleverly avoids showing you the price on their
websites and redirects you to go to a re-seller to buy it …
Then you have to worry about the price of it.

Davinci Resolve is more than enough, and it is actually completely free.

Same here, but I got the impression that the OP was wanting to do maybe, really basic editing on his phone before uploading to somewhere like farcebook

A phone or tablet is often limited in available storage space.
If the only output you create is for social media, a resolution of 1080p is often sufficiant. So set your recording resulution to this number, the resulting video files will be smaller than 4k files.

Theoretically downsizing video files will always result in loss of quality. Wether this will be visible depends on the method that is used by the software to achieve this, and the dimensions and quality of the screen used to view the resulting video.

The DJI apps (GO, GO4 & Fly) have the ability to ‘cache’ the livestreamed video to the memory of your device. You can turn this ‘caching’ on or off in the settings of the app. The resolution of these files will be either 720p or 1080p depending on the type of drone you use.
Litchi for iOS also has this ability to cache videos.

Try using these cached videos. They are small and instantly available, no need to download from the drone.
If they fit your quality expectation for quick sharing on social media your done. (Basicly this is the purpose for caching).
You can always revert to the original files on the SD card for building your own home movie library.

You started using iMovie.
Stick to it, at least for a while and watch some youtube tutorials on ‘how to use it’ and ‘tips & tricks’.
This way you will learn the concept of editing which is basicly the same for any video editing app.


The author of the topic wants to share with friends

TriBar, Thanks for the summer info. I’ll watch the video for iMovie to see if there are any useful tips.

Not sure about Videoproc. Is it easy to get started without a steep learning curve? I tried a couple others and gave up quickly. It’s got to be intuitive.

Thanks, I’ll give Videoproc a try to see if it’s easy to navigate.

Interesting. I’ll test a few bitrate settings.

Hi Martin,
You are correct. I’m not looking to qualify for a film festival. Just want to do basic editing with a music background that enjoyable for friends to watch. Many of the clips are too large to send via text or email unless I drastically reduce the file size and then the image quality ends up awful.

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TriBar, Thanks. That’s the best advice so far. I’ll try this approach for my next mission.

Can you clarify what is VN?

I started learning DaVinci Resolve. It’s complicated and has much more than I will ever use, but one of the best I’ve seen for the free version. It has the ability to render for social media like FB, YouTube etc.
Lots of tutorials and how-to’s on YouTube so it is well worth checking out. Learn how to use proxy files so it runs smoothly, but will render in Ultra HD.

I only do minor editing … and got very frustrated with iMovie. Switched to Movavi Video Editor Plus and find it much less frustrating. I run the Movavi output through Handbrake to scale it down. Lots of presets and very easy to use.