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Hi Tom. Can you clarify the Run through Handbrake tip? iMovie is pretty easy to use for basic editing without spending hours and hours learning a more advanced program. Running one program through another sounds more complicated than I want to try.
I just want basic editing and a quality picture that’s small enough in file size to share with friends via email or text. - Brian

Hi Brain,

“Run through” might not have been clear. Process your video as you normally would in iMovie. Then, launch Handbrake. Click “Open Source” and navigate to the location of your iMovie output. If you have multiple video files that you will process to the same specs and output to the same location you can “Add to Queue.” Pick a preset from the drop-down menu and identify the Save As location. Hit Start and go do something while Handbrake is working. I usually start with 1080p files from the camera and output at the same size from iMovie/Movavi. I load them into Handbrake and use the Fast 1080p30 preset and the resulting file is about half the MB/GB of the original. Explore the presets … there are a lot to choose from, but I do virtually everything as I’ve described. Good luck.

Video compression can be a whole speciality field by itself. There’s a huge ton of options if you want to dig past the default settings.

One way around it is just to send it up to YouTube - it’ll convert it into several different sizes for playback over various connections and screen sizes.

Be sure you’re not exporting more resolution than you need - few middle-aged (and above) eyes get any benefit from 4k. 1080P is fine, or even 720P for smaller screens.

And yes, as mentioned, bitrate is one easy parameter to fiddle with and see where it starts cutting into your video quality.

Beyond that, there be dragons, best to stay out of the subtle aspects and settings… I used to fiddle with them for ages, 20+ years ago when trying to convert video down to something that could be dragged over a dialup modem back when not everyone even had the same types of playback software… not fond memories!

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Hi T,
Thanks, I’ll take a look at Movavi. Just looking for a simple way to reduce file size and retain decent quality for sharing 1-3 minute flight videos.

Use VN for android/ios

Can you elaborate on VN?

Vlog now v. 1.35 / 2.06

Hey B, I totally understand the challenges of dealing with large video file sizes! If you’re looking for user-friendly video editing software, I’d recommend checking out Movavi. They have a range of interesting video editing tools that are easy to use and can help you reduce the file size without losing video quality. I’ve personally used Movavi for a few video editing projects and found it to be very intuitive and beginner-friendly. It’s definitely worth giving it a try if you’re looking for an easy solution to your file size woes. Here’s the link to their website:

You should not lose quality if you just use regular compression but without losing quality you’re not going to save much on space.
You can have a try with free video editor like VSDC, OpenShot, Shotcut and DaVinci should meet your needs.

Why are you not using capcut app in iOS, so far its best among all video editors no matter if you talk about iOS android or windows. Give it a try once.