Updating home point in follow mode

Maybe I’m missing some clever setting elsewhere but I in 99% of cases (citation needed) you wouldn’t want the drone to start returning to its original home point when battery is running low because that normally means it’s going to take itself far away from you. Also, I couldn’t update the home point manually either (refused because it was too far from the original home point?)

I do get that the homepoint should be ‘safe’ so you can’t automatically assume I’m not under a set of trees but I would appreciate the option to indeed update homepoint to my last known location.

Dynamic Homepoint: When enabled, the home point will continuously be updated to the current location of your mobile device. Recommended in Follow mode.

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Read the very first reply again.

Huh! I guess… great minds think alike? Oh no it was me, my great mind dropped the knowledge :confused: tx!