TWO Crashes in ONE day

Hello together.

Yesterday I tested the Follow Me via GPS of the Litchi app (drone + smartphone + Litchi app have the latest software installed). I also activated the GPS altitude adjustment in the settings. This worked fine in the beginning and the drone followed me very nicely and corrected the altitude I gained. All of a sudden, it stopped correcting my altitude increase and thus crashed into the road. Except for a few scratches, my DJI Mini 2 fortunately has nothing.

I wanted to test the whole thing a second time, so I got a colleague and experienced drone pilot to help me. While i was driving, he has monitored the drone and wanted to intervene in case of need. Unfortunately, the drone once again failed to correct the altitude and when my colleague wanted to correct it, the app blocked that as well and he could not even deactivate the follow me mode. Due to this, it unfortunately went into the tree. Again without doing any harm. Therefore, the app has now propped me up several times and has already created 2 accidents for me, I’m not sure if I even want to use this app anymore.

In hindsight, we looked closely at the video evaluation and watched the subtitle (metadata) frame by frame. You can clearly see that the drone is suddenly not correcting the altitude during the flight…

Are there any known problems like this?

My Drone: DJI MINI 2
My Smartphone: Samsung S22 Ultra


Have a look at this thread, your “problem” is related to this.