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I found the reply I need!

The Problem… more than three years…

So when I’m viewing / editing way point settings, I really focus on the ground elevation display. The text is smaller. If I increase the browser text, or use zoom ctrl+. The way point window top and bottom is cut off.

This is on XP, Win7, Win10, Firefox, Edge, Chrome etc.


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I think I got the 123, 1 disappears when you scroll down to the bottom.

This wasn’t my intention on creating this thread or did I create a topic?

Anyways, the goal was using Litchi on computers in some kind of folder…

So any help on my browser problem?


@Rod_Pad , It sounds like a screen resolution issue

. When icons and text are made larger, there is a possibility that the entire page wont display and some parts (top, bottom or sides) can be lost.
I’m not positive, but that is my suspicion.

Thanks, I will work on a screen shot, its only the waypoint window. It doesn’t change its size.
The rest of mission hub screen is fine and you can see the size changes.


See this post:

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ROD. Are you by chance doing this on a laptop screen. Not that it matters that much. Just curious. What browser are you using? Try this … hold down Ctrl key and press the minus key. Each time you do it should resize the browser window. And Ctrl + to make it bigger.
CTRL - Reduces screen
CTRL + Enlarges screen

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Thanks, I will get back to you.

W10 laptop, original screen and a external screen, Firefox, Chrome and Edge.
W7 Desktop, XP desktop, etc.
If the font in the way point window was larger or bolder?
My problem is trying to read the ground elevation, that font is smaller.
If I could fine tune the parameters of the waypoint window that be Great!


Are you looking to just connect to the Litchi Mission Hub web page to plan and edit Missions, or are you looking to create a new Mac or PC app.?

Thanks, but this thread I created is Computer Browsers. I think? I’m have been very confused on this forum’s structure.


Have you had any luck at all Rod resolving your problem?

Thanks, but no and actually I haven’t got back to that problem, other stuff keeps coming up. I will be here to the end. :ok_hand:


pushing the f11 function key makes the waypoint view better push again to return to normal view

Thanks, I have been waiting for the system to finish uploading / processing for two pictures maybe 2 hrs.

I opened a new tab to reply to you and it had already embedded my post I was waiting for. I told it discard my draft, I flip back to the other tab, now the pictures are loaded and now I can hit the reply button.

I will try it after this one…

Rod …

Here is my problem, when the waypoint window fits the ground elevation text is small and every thing is dull (Grey)?
Zoom in, now its hard to add and modify waypoints.
I cannot figure out how to modify the view of the waypoint window.

Thanks Jerbear for checking on me!

I have also figured out the reply button now?

I’m going to hit the reply at the bottom.
Its been doing processing upload for about an hour?


F11 brings up the Windows 7 control panel with Firefox.

For your support!

Rod …

On a laptop you may have to hold down the Fn key while pressing the F11 key. I have to on mine.

Rod, Everything in your screen looks normal to me and I’m confused as to your problem.
When you have so many waypoints so close together like that it can be difficult to select one. I use the wheel on my wireless mouse to zoom in and out which obviously makes every thing easier to see, When you are zoomed in if you just move the mouse and look at the pointer it should be a hand and not an arrow. It it is the hand icon then you can click, hold and drag the screen map around. If you don’t have a wireless mouse and your using the mouse pad on the laptop then you can use the plus-minus icons bottom right just above the time. Sorry if this feels like me teaching grandma to suck eggs so to speak but it’s a habit I have being in the computer business since 1983. Yep! I’m an old boy coming up on my 70th. lol. The only other help I can offer you at this time is via remote access or a zoom call with screen sharing…and what’s with the 2 pictures taking 2 hours to upload. Reminds me of back in the day when we used bulletin boards before the internet and uploaded files at 300 baud. And if you don’t know what that is or how fast that is set a 12 inch ruler on the ground and put a snail next to it to see how long it takes to travel the length of the ruler. The snail will be quicker…lol

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[quote=“Rod_Pad, post:28, topic:9747”]

Here is my problem, when the waypoint window fits the ground elevation text is small
I do agree with something Rod said and I think it could be easily changed in a version of Litchi without affecting anything else on the Waypoint screen.

The text is quite small and if you are using a laptop or a desktop with a small monitor, it will be tough to see.
I dont use the Above Ground option a lot, since most of my flight planning is on relatively flat terrain.
Perhaps changing the font size could be added to the ‘Wish List’ for a future version. Looks like there is room in the Waypoint Setting pop-up to do it. Just a thought.