The mini SE compared to the mini 2

Does DJI Spark use OcuSync?

With the Spark, it uses a long-range WiFi variant, whereas with the Mavic it uses OcuSync and with the Phantom 4 Pro it uses Lightbridge.Jun 26, 2017

There are a lot of people that would like to have Ocusync with the Spark, BUT since it doesn’t, many people upgraded. Here is a QUOTE: “I’d pay good money to get a Spark with Ocusync. Because right now the Spark is a useless paperweight for me. A drone that no matter what I do (2.4 GHZ. OTG cable. Wifi, bluetooth off, go to beach instead of city…) can’t fly more than 100 meters properly is not a drone. It’s a lie. I feel cheated.”

If you’re using your mobile device to fly, the transmission is over Wifi. Therefore the DJI Spark’s maxmium distance will be 100m and maximum height will be 50m.

Using the remote controller, you can get a maximum of up to 2km (1.2 miles) depending on your region.]


@Pat_Sweangen, you will be dealing with the “CANYON EFFECT” living in Colorado.
The effect is similar when you are in a city and have tall buildings in your area.
What happens is a COMBINATION of REDUCED SIGNALS and SIGNAL INTERFERRENCE caused by signals being Blocked as well as signals Bouncing off the sides of Canyons and Walls so that the signals work against you. Here is a short quote on the subject. PLEASE Google for more info!! “…knowing the effect of the canyon phenomena (canyon phenomena happens when an open street exists between the transmitter and the receiver) is essential and in fact it plays an important role in RSS high variability.”

So will range/signal boosters/extenders help with connection between the RC and RV? As long as I can direct the focus or pinpoint the signal towards the RV? Or because of the canyon effect, will I be ahead to aquire a mini2 that uses Ocusync and not enhanced wifi?

@Pat_Sweangen, I would think that you could get a more reliable signal as well as greater distance with the mini2. HOWEVER, using any DJI FLY app drone will mean that you CAN’T do autonomous waypoint missions beyond signal range and even in signal range the mission could get cancelled with an automatic RTH if interference should occur. Virtual Stick Controls (VSC) send signals to the drone constantly since they don’t load the mission into the drone and if disrupted for even a few seconds will end the mission. CONSIDER a drone like the Mavic2 Pro or Zoom that uses the DJI Go or Go4 app, since even if you lose the signal, the drone will finish the mission regardless of your controller connection. This is the real MAGIC of Litchi. (It is worth noting that the DJI Spark will do Autonomous Missions even if the Flight time is a little short.)

I often fly like this.

I turn on the follow mode and fly 3-5 km when the spark follows me or my car…
I have dynamic home point enabled so I don’t have to worry about the takeoff point.

Spark works amazingly in vr mode. For control, I can use any joystick for example from PS3. Moreover, there are practically no delays because the smartphone is directly connected to the drone.

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@paxxa, the Spark is a pretty good drone so I decided to get one too. Updating the Dynamic Home Point in Follow mode certainly adds options for getting more distance. VR mode is another option I plan on using too. BUT what I really want to check out is the SMOOTHNESS of the Waypoint missions compared to my Air2 S and Mini SE. I am saving up for a Mavic2 Zoom for longer missions since the jerky footage of DJI Fly drones may not be acceptable for some professional jobs. Thanks for the input!

Spark writes missions to memory and executes them without communication with the control panel.
He can also do this without a remote control, but he has a hard limitation in the firmware when controlled from the phone. What you wrote is 100m distance and 50m height when controlled from the phone. Therefore, without a control panel, it is impossible to launch a mission more than 200m in diameter and 50m in height. I wrote about it to litchi but they can’t get around it.
Spark also has a gimbal interpolation from dji when the connection is lost.

So the phone and aircraft are linked together with no remote control? There’s no cell service or wifi where I’m at.

Is that Ocusync-1? Linking my phone and the vehicle?

Your drone doesn’t work that way. It’s only spark and mavic air.

The main differences between the Mini and Mini SE are the batteries and motors.
They BOTH use the exact same controller and therefore have the same transmission specifications, which is Enhanced WiFi.
The DJI Spark also uses enhanced WiFi.

You can read/compare them on the official DJI sites:
Mavic Mini:

Mini SE:


The Mini 2 uses Occysync-2, which is superior to the Mini & Mini SE:

Spark (Enhanced WiFi):
2.4 GHz FCC: 1.2 mi (2 km); CE: 0.3 mi (500 m)
5.8 GHz FCC: 1.2 mi (2 km); CE: 0.18 mi (300 m)

Mini & Mini SE (Enhanced WiFi):
Model MR1SS5
5.8 GHz: 4000 m (FCC); 2500 m (SRRC)
Model MR1SD25
2.4 GHz: 2000 m (MIC/CE)
5.8 GHz: 500 m (CE)

Mini 2 (Occusync 2):
10 km (FCC)
6 km (CE)


Thank you for the detailed and very specific answers to these questions!

In any case, mini 2 will not fly even 6km

It all depends on the environment! In PERFECT CONDITIONS the drone has been shown to fly it’s maximum range. It is the same with all drones during testing, but since almost no one operates in perfect conditions then you are right that the range will not be what is stated (most of the time).

All drones fly 2km ± and all lose contact.

The surest way to fly 5km or more is to follow the drone so that the distance between the remote control and the drone is 200-300m. This is also a condition for legal flights in compliance with visual control.

Point well taken. I’ve been checking out used Mavic pros
I’d like to fly into a couple of canyons near me, from the rim. Each flight mission varies quite a bit in elevation but all are close to 2 miles each in distance. Mavic 2 pro, is around 900 to 1500 usd used. Would the mini 3 be a good choice for such missions?

Mini 3 pro isn’t supported on litchi as DJI haven’t published the sdk for it yet

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Actually, support for the DJI Mini 3 Pro may never come to Litchi: Will Litchi work with either the Mavic 3 or the Mini 3 Pro?

Here in the UK we have to maintain VLOS which includes being aware of the orientation of the drone. VLOS is defined as unaided eyesight (except glasses and contact lenses …)

All I can say is that when my Mini SE is further than about 50m away it is very difficult to see which way it is pointing. Kind of makes the 4Km range academic.

Keď letím priamo a je dobrý kontrast na oblohe vidím na 200m mini SE. Zatiaľ som bol vo vzdialenosti 1300m, občas slabí signál. Lietam nad poľom, z viditeľnosťou na 3km.
Tiež platia u nás pravidlá lietať iba na dohľad.

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