Takeoff Function Not Working

Running RC Pro and Air 2S. ‘Takeoff’ function shows on screen but when I hit it, I get an error that it failed. Is there a cure for that?


You have to be more specific.
Are you trying to start a waypoint mission?
What’s the exact error message?
In case of a waypoint mission are you willing to share it here?

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I’m not sure if the RC Pro works the same way as the RC-N1. On the RC-N1, you have to shut down the DJI Fly app before starting Litchi. If the Fly app is running in the background, Litchi will not initiate missions.

No, not on a mission, just sitting on the pad, rotors spinning and ‘takeoff’ option on the screen. I forget exactly what the message says but I’ll note it next time.

Yes, DJI Fly is removed from startup. It didn’t take long to see that conflict interfere with flying.

@Mark_Capper You need to note the error code given. There are many things that can hinder a takeoff, from warped propellers to software issues like the remote ID problem with the Air 2S and Litchi 4.26.0. DJI apps will list more error codes than Litchi, so it is good to use their app to test and see if the problem persists and what code they assign to it.

OK, I figured it out. I was pressing ‘takeoff’ after I started the motors. If I just press that instead of starting the motors, it starts and takes off to about 3’ and hovers.

Thanks to all who responded.


Its the simple things that drive us crazy. Glad you figured it out :+1:

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