Tablet instead of phone

I am using my phone with my mini SE, I bought a sun shade but it was a sloppy fit and no good.

Does anyone use a tablet, as I am thinking of going down this route, to be able to see the screen in sunlight.

Any tips would be useful, Thanks.

I use a tab 7FE, but you cant get sunshades to fit

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It must be easier using a bigger screen though.

certainly is, wouldn’t go back to phone, and my normal phone is a galaxy z fold 2

What tablet is the 7FE?
I haven’t used a tablet before.

samsung galaxy tab 7FE 5G

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I use an iPad 11 Pro Max with Cellular, works really well.

Where did you get the shade

I’ve tried Goggles (DJI Goggles RE, not usable above 72°F), Phones (small screen - hard to see details like power lines), tablets (Galaxy S4 works with sun shade but setup takes time) - I finally broke down and purchased a DJI Smart Controller, New, it works with three of the DJI drones I fly and runs Litchi. It will not work with the Mavic Mini or Mini SE, yet it does work with the Tello.

I use a HUAWEI MediaPad T5

I use a ipad pro 12.9


Off Amazon it was about £12 I think :thinking:

any chance you’ve got a link please

Sorry got price wrong.

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Cheers, @Keith_Jones

Be aware that it has magnets, whitch could interfere with the compass of the smart device.

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I use a tablet (MUCH larger screen), and no need for sun shade (I usually sit under a tree… if necessary).


I got one of these, unfortunately, i was just a bit to small for my galaxy tab s7 fe, so i sent it back, so still searching

I just installed Litchi on my phone. I want to also have it on my tablet. Do I need to purchase another Litchi app or can the tablet share the app on my phone? I need flexibility as to which I use on a mission. Thanks!

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